810 - 22 Alwayse

Alwayse Series 800 are solid body steel ball units.

They incorporate a seal and dirt exit hole for maximum efficiency and smooth running.

Our CNC production plant can produce special designs to individual customers requirements.

Easy fixing clips are available, ref no. CL14, for quick and effective fixing. When used the working height of the ball unit dimension ‘B’ is increased by 0.3mm.

800 Series Type 15, Stainless Steel

In general ball unit sizes from Ø15.8mm to Ø30mm will have unhardened components typically 303/304 stainless steel.

Ball units with Ø44.5mm, Ø57.1mm, Ø76.2mm and Ø88.9mm balls have hardened bodies. In general balls are hardened 420 Stainless Steel.

805 Heavy Duty Ball Units
Similar to 800 series units, the 805 ball units incorporate a stainless steel multi-hole drain plug for improved cleaning and debris removal, stainless bearings for corrosion resistance, and no seal for easy cleaning and reduced friction.
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Heavy-Duty Ball Transfer Units
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To 199 0% 1.00 €
From 200 5% 0.95 €
From 500 10% 0.90 €
From 1000 15% 0.85 €
From 1500 20% 0.80 €

Size Guide

Size Guide
Regular Fit
1/2 CHEST 52.50 54.50 56.50 59.50 62.50
BACKLENGTH 76.00 78.00 80.00 82.00 84.00
SLEEVELENGTH 65.00 66.00 67.00 68.50 70.00
Slim Fit
1/2 CHEST 50.00 52.00 54.00 58.00 62.00
BACKLENGTH 76.00 77.00 78.00 79.00 80.00
SLEEVELENGTH 66.00 67.00 68.00 69.00 70.00

Please note that these measurements are meant as a guide only. Actual garment length and width may vary according to style and brand.

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