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Alu Profile 90x180 U10

Alu Profile 90x180 U10

Aluminium profile size 90x180, slot U10, material Al6060-T5, anodize (15 μm)

€131.96 /m (€160.99 Incl. Tax)

Ships in:10 Working Days

Size Guide

Size Guide
Regular Fit
1/2 CHEST 52.50 54.50 56.50 59.50 62.50
BACKLENGTH 76.00 78.00 80.00 82.00 84.00
SLEEVELENGTH 65.00 66.00 67.00 68.50 70.00
Slim Fit
1/2 CHEST 50.00 52.00 54.00 58.00 62.00
BACKLENGTH 76.00 77.00 78.00 79.00 80.00
SLEEVELENGTH 66.00 67.00 68.00 69.00 70.00

Please note that these measurements are meant as a guide only. Actual garment length and width may vary according to style and brand.

(Max length you can buy in one piece is 6050 mm)
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Additional Information
Weight [kg] 15.4500
Size [mm] 90x180
Slot [mm] 10
Material P-Al Mg Si 6060 [UNI 9006/1]
Minimum tensile strenght Rm [N/mm2] 195
Limit of elasticity Rp 0,2 [N/mm2] 145
Modulus of elasticity E [N/mm2] 70000
Physical status T5
Anodizing process-thickness [µm] 15
Manufacturing tolerance UNI - EN 755
Moment of inertia Ix [cm4] 1889.54
Moment of inertia Iy [cm4] 510.18
Section modulus Wx [cm3] 209.95
Section modulus Wy [cm3] 113.37
Profile Area [mm2] 5770.16
Ships in 10 Working Days
Customs tariff no. 76042100
Product Description
Aluminium profile size 90x180, slot U10, material Al6060-T5, anodize (15 μm)
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Al profile 10020
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Alu Profile 90x180

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