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FLOAT-ON castors are used for easy handling of other flat sheet materials i.e. Granite, Wood, Plastic, Paper and Card etc.

Shore Hardness; Rubber 80-85A (30D) Poly 90-95A (48D)
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Additional Information
Weight [kg] 0.1950
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Ball Size [mm] 50
Material Red Polyurethane Ball, Stainless Steel
D [mm] 106
E [mm] 13,5
Maximum Dynamic Loading - Load Up [kg] 20
A [mm] 50
B min [mm] 73
B max [mm] 95
C [mm] 58
Customs tariff no. 83022000
Country of origin GB
Product Description
GLASS HANDLING, FLOAT-ON DESIGNED FOR USE IN WET AND DRY CONDITIONS ACP 50 LH SS, red polyurethane LH = Left hand SS= Stainless Steel Inox, for the most arduous of conditions. Ensures smooth movement of materials with delicate or polished surfaces. Comes in Red Polyurethane and Black Rubber - 35 mm & 50 mm Diameter

Alwayse Engineering Limited was established in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 1939 when a small engineering company, Sheridan Tools, was purchased. Later its name was changed to “Alwayse” meaning that the units are multidirectional and move in all directions or ways -hence “Alwayse”. The distinctive spelling adds to the company’s individuality.  As the originator of the Ball Transfer Unit over 70 years ago, Alwayse has become an essential part of the material handling industry. Alwayse Ball Units manufactured from high-quality materials in the Birmingham factory are used in all sectors throughout the World and over 2,000,000 are sold every year.


Alwayse Engineering Limited are quality registered to ISO 9001. Alwayse has a policy of continually improving the product range with new innovative and creative ideas using the latest CNC machinery and production/inspection methods. Specially designed ball unit test machines, routinely used to test production units, together with many years of research and experience, ensure world-class performance.

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