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Material: Carbon Spring Steel

Finish: Zinc Plated

For body diameter of 45mm. Can be used with the following Ball Units: 1017; 1018; 1507; 1509; 530-0; 530-4; 530-6; 7124; 800-30; 805-30; 806-30; 810-30; 888-30.

This clip was designed for fixing ball units from the top face of a ball platform. The clip can also be used for fixing the ball unit from underneath the ball platform if clip CL11 is not suitable. The preferred table top material thickness for maximum effectiveness of the CL14 range of clips is 2mm to 4mm. The CL14 fixing clips can be used for thicker materials with a slight reduction in clip effectiveness. For maximum clip effectiveness the seating hole size should be on the minimum tolerance and the table top material thickness should be 4mm. CL14 fixing clips must be placed into the seating hole first, before the ball unit is fitted.

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Size Guide

Size Guide
Regular Fit
1/2 CHEST 52.50 54.50 56.50 59.50 62.50
BACKLENGTH 76.00 78.00 80.00 82.00 84.00
SLEEVELENGTH 65.00 66.00 67.00 68.50 70.00
Slim Fit
1/2 CHEST 50.00 52.00 54.00 58.00 62.00
BACKLENGTH 76.00 77.00 78.00 79.00 80.00
SLEEVELENGTH 66.00 67.00 68.00 69.00 70.00

Please note that these measurements are meant as a guide only. Actual garment length and width may vary according to style and brand.

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Additional Information
Weight [kg] 0.0010
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A - Flange diameter [mm] 54,9
B - Body outside diameter [mm] 45,7
C - Length [mm] 7
D - Material Thickness [mm] 0,3
Customs tariff no. 73182900
Country of origin GB
Product Description
CL 14-30 FIXING CLIPS Material: Carbon Spring Steel Finish: Zinc Plated ALWAYSE provide a complete range of fixing clips designed specially for use with their ball transfer units. They lock the unit securely in position without the need for special tools or machinery. Special designs can also be provided, please ask for details. The effectiveness and security of ball units attached by means of fixing clips can be influenced by size of fixing holes, table thickness and ball unit tolerances.

Alwayse Engineering Limited was established in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 1939 when a small engineering company, Sheridan Tools, was purchased. Later its name was changed to “Alwayse” meaning that the units are multidirectional and move in all directions or ways -hence “Alwayse”. The distinctive spelling adds to the company’s individuality.  As the originators of the Ball Transfer Unit over 70 years ago, Alwayse have become an important part of the material handling industry. Alwayse Ball Units manufactured from high quality materials in Birmingham factory are used in all industries throughout the World and over 2,000,000 are sold every year.


Alwayse Engineering Limited are quality registered to ISO 9001. Alwayse have a policy of continually improving the product range with new innovative and creative ideas using the latest CNC machinery and production/inspection methods. Specially designed ball unit test machines, routinely used to test production units, together with many years of research and experience, ensures world-class performance.

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PDF / CAD Files
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Alwayse Catalogue 14

Complete Alwayse Ball Transfer Units Catalogue PDF

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Fixing Clips for Ball Transfer Units

Catalogue PDF

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