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Alu profiles and bearings used in a grinding machine for grinding band saw blades

For the manufacture of a grinding machine intended for grinding band saw blades of different widths, thicknesses and lengths, we used various different components that we purchased at the company Tuli. The machine enables grinding of any shape and tooth design of the blade, by forming the right hinge plate. The hinge plate is quickly removable, allowing for its quick replacement. This means that the machine is not entirely purpose-made, but it is also intended for users who use different band saw blades with different types of tooth sets. The device also supports wet grinding and regulation of the speed of the feeder arm, which enables high-quality grinding of the teeth profiles of the band saw blades. At Tuli, we bought all bearings and circlips, alu profiles 45 x 45, brackets, sliding blocks, hexagon head screws, hammer-head screws, flange nuts, handles, hand wheels, star-shaped handles, tension levers and probably some other things ...

Lavrič Rok (lavric.grinding@gmail.com, +386 70 300 729)

bearings and alu profiles for grinding machine

saw blade grinding machine bearings

bearings grinding machine saw


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