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Use of linear guide rails and lead screws for CNC (wood & aluminium)

Varaždin, Croatia | Nov 15, 2021

How did a Croatian company built CNC cutters for wood and aluminum processing on their own? Find out how....

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DIY laser paper cutter

Janez Križan – AMI d.o.o. | Mar 15, 2021

In our case, a laser cutter is designed for use in graphics and design. The bases come from various online presentations "DIY laser cutter"...

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Starting 2021 with gratitude

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Dec 8, 2020

Tuli is a family business and we spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in the circle of our families. Therefore, our availability during the ho...

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Top 6 Joining Elements for Aluminum Profiles

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Nov 12, 2020

Aluminum profiles...

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DIY CNC plasma with cantilever Y axis

David Kristancic, Dobrovo v Brdih | Jul 14, 2020

We have decided to build a (DIY) three-axis CNC plasma cutter with the following working strokes: 2800 x 1350 x 300 mm. We bought most of the stand...

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Trusted Shops certificate for

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Mar 10, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that we obtained the Trusted Shops certificate for the online store, which of...

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The Carrying Capacity of Alu. Joining Elements

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Feb 12, 2020

In building an aluminum assembly, one must always look at the av...

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Linear and rotary actuator, and ALU structure for measuring table

UP FAMNIT, Koper, Slovenia | Dec 2, 2019

For the purpose of research activities, we have assembled a measuring table that allows us to move the camera linearly along the vertical Z-axis, a...

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Alu profiles and bearings used in a grinding machine for grinding band saw blades

LAVRIČ POTOK d.o.o. - Slovenia | Nov 5, 2019

For the manufacture of a grinding machine intended for grinding band saw blades of different widths, thicknesses and lengths, we used various diffe...

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Mobile racks from ALU profiles

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Jul 30, 2019

For a well-known customer, according to his plan, we created a work rack made of aluminum profiles 40x40. As joint elements, we used 40x40 mounting...

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