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Linear actuators for 6-axis Stewart platform with ROS control

The manufacturer of linear actuators Automationware has supplied a system for a 6-axis Gough-Stewart platform for one of its customers. 6 small Mech Value E-small linear actuators were used, connected in parallel on three sides of the system. Linear actuators have integrated ball screws for precise and dynamic operation. The system has 12 connecting joints that not only allow movements in three dimensions, but also allow the panel to tilt sideways, longitudinally and vertically (6-DoF platform). The system thus allows carrying out various types of simulations for mechanical, aeronautical, medical and automotive purposes.

The controlling was developed by Automationware, which, in addition to the effective control of the thrust of linear actuators, includes a number of devices for controlling the accelerations and vibrations of the system (AwareVu patent). The system was developed in 3 months using the ROS platform. ROS is an open source operating system that enables easy programming of the system and can be adapted to different size configurations.

Automationware’s technology enables the system to quickly adapt to the actual needs of the customer, as it enables the import of CAD (Solidworks) files into ROS virtual simulation platforms (Moveit, Gazebo, Rviz) and building of kinematic models for an individual application in a few weeks.

Linear actuators for 6-axis Stewart platform with ROS control

In addition, the entire construction of the Steward platform can be assembled in different sizes using a wide range of linear actuators from the following groups: 

Mech Value Linear Actuators

Smaller Mech Value linear actuators or electric cylinders of the Automationware manufacturer are distinguished by high performance in terms of travel speed and load capacity, as they have integrated precision ball screws. The Mech Value linear actuator may be used as a replacement for a pneumatic cylinder in cases where precise control of travel speed and position is required.

Mech Line Linear Actuators

The reliable and popular Mech Line linear actuators are ideal for industrial applications at medium loads. They are distinguished by their excellent price-performance ratio. The Mech Line linear actuators or electric cylinders are therefore a great alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders with extremely low operating costs.

Mech Force Linear Actuators

The Mech Force linear actuator is suitable for the most extreme loads, as in cases where high dynamic loads occur over a longer period of time.

Mech Plus & Extreme Linear Actuators

Mech Plus & Extreme represent the most powerful linear actuators available. The Mech Extreme version is suitable for dynamic loads exceeding 750 kN. They are characterised by their exceptional durability based on a special ball screw system made according to the Automationware specification. 

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