Linear and rotary actuator, and ALU structure for measuring table

For the purpose of research activities, we have assembled a measuring table that allows us to move the camera linearly along the vertical Z-axis, and simultaneously rotate (up to 360°) the observed object on the measuring table. The outer dimensions of the structure are 2400x900x900 mm.

For the basic structure, we used aluminium profiles of stronger construction, Alu-profile 45x45 H U10, which were connected with the help of connecting elements 45, Ø 17, U10. The aforementioned Alu-profiles for the structures and associated fasteners provided a rigid basic structure. The modular concept of Alu-profiles allows us to easily change or modify the structure to our current needs, as we can easily change the positions of individual Alu-profiles within the structure. 

For the linear movement of the camera, a linear belt module/linear actuator ML 45-11-550 with a 400 mm stroke by Automationware was installed on the structure. The selected linear actuator represents the smallest version of the belt actuator, as in our case, the loads and speeds are very small. The actuator has a built-in linear rail guide and a size 15 trolley, as well as a belt transmission via the AT5 belt.

We find the RotacPlus 200 rotary actuator very useful for rotating the measuring table. High-precision rotary displacement can be achieved through a belt transmission and a planetary gearbox connecting the rotary actuator and the stepper motor. The rotary actuator is characterized by high stiffness and bilateral movement without clearance, which is reflected in the extremely good repeatability of the actuator. The rotary actuator can be precisely controlled with the help of an encoder.

The linear and rotary actuators are connected to each other via a control system that enables simple, precise and simultaneous operation of both actuators. The system thus enables synchronous linear movement of the camera and rotation of the observed object. 

linear actuator for measuring table

linear actuator

rotary actuator


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