For the lubrication of ball rail systems in case of grease, we recommend the use of Dynalub. At regular environmental conditions this homogeneous, ground-fiber grease is superbly suited as a lubricant for linear motion elements:

-with loads up to 50% C

-for short-stroke uses > 1 mm

-for the permitted speed range of profile rail systems

Properties of Dynalub 510:

-based on lithium

-high-performance grease NLGI grade 2 (as per DIN 51818)

-water resistance

-protection against corrosion

-Tem. range from -20 to +80 degree Celsius

Bosch-Rexroth product ID for Dynalub 510:

-R3416 037 00 (400 g cartridge)

-R3416 035 00 (25 kg hobbock)

Alternative greases to Dynalub 510:


-Castrol Longtime PD2

-Elkalub GLS 135/N2

Dynalub 510 - grease for linear motion products - R341603700 Bosch-Rexroth


 Properties of Dynalub 520:

-liquid grease

-based on lithium

-high-performance grease NLGI grade 00 (as per DIN 51818)

-water resistance

-protection against corrosion

-Tem. range from -20 to +80 degree Celsius

Bosch-Rexroth product ID for Dynalub 520:

-R3416 043 00 (400 g cartridge)

-R3416 042 00 (5 kg bucket)

Alternative greases to Dynalub 520:

-Castrol Longtime PD00

-Elkalub GLS 135/N00

Dynalub 520 - liquid grease for linear motion products - R341604300 Bosch-Rexroth


For the lubrication of linear motion products in case of lubricant oil, we recommend ShellTonna S3 M 220 or a comparable product with the following properties:

-specific demulsifying oil CLP or CGLP according to DIN 51517-3 for machine bed tracks and tool guides

-a mixture of extremely refined mineral oils and additives

-can be used even when mixed with notable amounts of metalworking fluids

Shell Tonna S3 M 220 - oil lubricant for linear motion products - 20l


If you intend to use other lubricants that are not recommended, you may find that relubrication intervals are quicker and also performance may fall in regards to short stroke and load ratios. Also, chemical reactions can occur between the plastics, preservative additives, and lubricants. In addition, pumpability in single-line central lubrication systems must also be insured.

Note on lubrication:

-Before installation the seals on the ball runner blocks must be well greased or oiled with the chosen lubricant in use.

-Storage or pumping tanks should be outfitted with a stirrer to insure a steady flow of lubricant. The stirrer helps avoid funneling and clogs in the tank.

-Lubricants for linear motion products containing solid lubricating components like MoS2 and graphite must not be used.

-For applications where environmental influences such as vibrations, flinching and contamination, we advise reducing the relubrication intervals appropriately. Even under normal running conditions, the ball rail system must be relubricated after 2 years because of lubricant aging.
-Ball runner blocks without lubrication must be lubricated before mounting.


For detailed lubrication solutions see PDF document: Lubrication for Ball Rail Systems.


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