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Trapezoidal screws and nuts for agricultural machinery

In our machines for planting fruits and vegetables on foil and for removing the foil from the field, we used a TR 20x4 and TR 16x4 trapezoidal screw together with the MZP cylindrical nuts for lifting and lowering the device and consequently adjusting the device's working height. Trapezoidal screws and nuts are very suitable for our application due to robustness, self-closure and good price. Tuli has supplied us with the required products very quickly and at an affordable price.

Trapezoidal lead screws

Picture 1: Trapezoidal lead screws

Trapezoidal spindles and nuts in foil remover

Picture 2: Trapezoidal spindles and nuts in foil remover

MZP cylindrical trapezoidal nut

Picture 3: MZP cylindrical trapezoidal nut

Trapezoidal acme screws for agricultural machinery

Picture 4: Trapezoidal acme screws for agricultural machinery


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