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We are pleased to inform you that we obtained the Trusted Shops certificate for the online store, which offers our buyers even more security and a better shopping experience in our online store. Trusted Shops is a leading German trustmark for online stores across the European Union.


What Trusted Shops certificate means for customers:

The Trusted Shops trustmark provides all online shoppers with recognizable sign of reliability. It stands out to enable online shoppers to know immediately where they can shop with peace of mind thanks to a service they can trust. Online shops are checked for compliance with the Trusted Shops quality criteria before they are awarded the trustmark that they can then display on their website. Quality criteria involve legal requirements but also refer to the quality of the service.

Trusted Shops independently and free of charge provides the following for customers:

-         Money-back guarantee for purchases up to EUR 2500

-         Authentic opinions from real customers

-         Assistance in dispute resolution

-         Compliance with technical and legal standards


How to use the money-back guarantee:

Upon placing an order at a, you are offered the opportunity to activate the money-back guarantee free of charge.


More info:

You can find out more about Trusted Shops certificate at their webpage:

Trusted Shops certificate for is available at the following link:

Trusted Shops certificate details and customer reviews for Tuli d.o.o. can also be seen in the lower right corner on the website



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