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INA Linear guides

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Ball Linear Guides

Ball Rail Guides represent the largest group of linear guides in the INA linear technology sales program. They are used where there is a need for a precise linear guiding system for heavy loads with high rigidity and low friction. KUVE Linear Systems are preloaded and suitable for long strokes. Depending on the conditions of operation, carriage acceleration can be up to 150 m/s2 and speed up to 360 m/min. Different sizes of TKVD and TKSD rail guides series are available, as well as different versions of KUVE and KUSE linear carriages.

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INA miniature linear guide rails

Miniature linear ball bearings and linear rail guideways from INA are made from corrosion-resistant materials. KUEM set of bearing blocks and rails are assembled from KWEM blocks and TKDM linear rails. Four-row design is also available as a KUME set of bearing blocks and rails which is assembled from KWME blocks and TKMD linear rails.

INA miniature linear guide rails

INA Roller Linear Guides


INA Linear Roller Rail Guides and Bearings are suitable for linear guiding systems with the use of extremely heavy loads, when high rigidity and precise linear movements are required in the system. INA Linear Bearings or Carriages RWU series are preloaded and especially suitable for use in processing machinery. Roller linear carriages are available in the "roller to roller" version or with a cage between rollers. The RUE linear assembly consists of a TSX guide, at least one RWU carriage, and plastic plugs for the bores on the guides. All cylindrical guides and INA carriages are manufactured to the highest standards of X-life quality. Therefore, they are distinguished by improved technological solutions, greater robustness and longer life expectancy.

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INA Ball Screws and Nuts


 The INA KGT guiding assembly consists of a KGS precisely rolled screw (threaded rod) and of at least one KGF ball nut (flanged) or KGM (cylindrical). All threaded screws and nuts have a right thread and are available in different diameters and threading leads. The INA ball screws KGS series are made of high strength steel Cf53 (SAE 1055). The threaded surface is inductively hardened to 60 HRC (1.5 mm depth).  Screws with a lead accuracy of 23μm / 300mm and 50μm / 300mm. The lead may have one or more starts. Standard ball screw finishing is available, but the screws can also be processed according to your drawing.

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INA Linear Guides and Bearings

Linear guiding systems with shafts include linear shafts, which can also be supported in combination with the linear ball or sliding bearings or bushings. INA Linear Shafts are also available in hollow designs. Linear units, which include a linear bearing and a housing with fastening bores, are also available for an easy assembly. The entire range of INA guides and bearings is structured according to a modular concept, which allows you to construct cost-effective linear systems with long service life without maintenance. INA Linear Bearings or INA Bushings and bearing units are available in a compact, lightweight, heavy duty, and conventional design. Each series of linear bearings has very specific characteristics, which are precisely defined to suit specific applications. Linear ball bearings can support high radial loads, while they have a relatively small mass and allow for the design of linear guidance systems with unlimited movements. The bearings are available in closed versions and versions with a cut for the guides with support brackets. In some series, it is possible to adjust the play in the bearing. This enables the achievement of linear systems with zero air capacity or preloaded systems. Depending on the guiding application, the linear bearings can be free of seals or they are fitted with contact seals on both sides. In the case of linear bearing units, the bearing is mounted in a strong, rigid housing. Housings are available in closed, open, sliding and tandem designs. Due to their low total mass, the linear units are suitable primarily for a low-mass system with high loads and if greater accelerations and speeds are required. Due to the large series production, standard linear units are usually significantly cheaper than the production of their own housings.

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Linear Roller System


INA Guiding Systems with LF Roller Bearings are very suitable for linear guidance applications where low noise, high speeds, and long strokes are required. In addition, they have an extremely low mass, a low friction coefficient and are easy to install. All INA guides are designed with the principle of modular guide structure and are therefore composed of standard linear bearings, guides, carriages ... Thus, an economical selection of the most suitable guides for each application is enabled. Assembled guides are available with full or hollow ball guides, with a high flexural rigidity support rail, curved guide elements or straight guides. Linear guides also have grooves for toothed racks or drive belts.

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