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Custom made ground ball screws and nuts

Custom made ground ball screws and nuts

Ground ball screws are suitable for the most demanding applications that require high precision (IT 3, step tolerance 12 μm / 300 mm), load capacity, rigidity and long service life. With ground screws and nuts, high-precision (up to 15%) and consequently system rigidity can be achieved. Ground screws are available in 20 to 100 mm diameter with different lead threads, and are supplied custom made according to the customer's drawing or pattern. The shape of the ball nut can be cylindrical or with a flange in single or double version. Supply of special shapes of ball nuts according to the customer's drawing is also possible. Ground screws are supplied with treated ends for mounting.

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General characteristics of ground ball screws

Ground ball screws are manufactured according to the DIN 69051 standard in the precision class 3. The normal right-hand thread as well as the supply of screws with a left-hand thread is possible. A ground screw is made of 100Cr6 material and has an induction hardened surface with the hardness of 60 ± 2 HRC. The shape of the thread is gothic. Ball nuts also have plastic seals or wipers. In case of a new design and selection of a new ground screw, the following parameters must be taken into consideration: load, required rigidity and preload, required precision, required speed and revolutions, resistance to bending, etc.

Custom made ground ball screws and nuts

Installation of ground ball screws

Ground ball screws require exact and rigid installation. Both the parallelism tolerance between the screw and the linear guides, and perpendicularity tolerance of nut installation with respect to the rest of the construction must be taken into account.

Lubrication of ball nuts

The lubricants used for lubricating ball ground screws and nuts are the same as those used for roller bearings, however, the quantity used is larger. Oil or grease can be used. Oil lubrication achieves higher speeds or revolutions than lubrication with grease, because the screw and nuts heating is greater. In the case of grease lubrication, the lubrication period is approx. 6 months, while in the case of oil it is necessary to arrange central lubrication.

Processing of screw ends

The processing of screw ends is usually based on the customer’s drawings. In order to determine the tolerance of shape and position that are suitable for a given accuracy class, the provisions of DIN 69051 must be complied with.

Ballscrew end machining

Repair of ball screws

Together with our partners, we also offer repair of all kinds of ball screws and nuts. The repair includes cleaning or polishing the screw and nuts, replacement of balls and seals, and adjustment of the preload. Usually, 70% of all used ball screws and nuts are appropriate for repair. Those are generally the screws and nuts that do not have any visual damage. If obvious damage is evident on the screw or nuts, they are not suitable for repair.

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