Linear Bushing and Shafts

Linear Ball Bearing Bushings and Round Shafts

You can choose between economy, standard, open, double and flanged linear ball bearing bushings. These ball bushings are suitable for precision linear motion applications such as small CNC machines or 3D printers. Type KH linear bearings have most compact...

Linear Bearing Blocks for Round Shaft

Linear bearing blocks present simple ready to use solution for linear motion. Linear blocks are assembled from the linear bushing and aluminum housing with holes for mounting. Linear bearing blocks or units are available in short, standard or long version....

Linear round shaft with support and bearings

All precision round rails and shafts for linear motion applications are made with a tolerance class of h6 and have induction hardened surface (58-62 HRC). Because of hard surface and soft and tough base round linear rails have excellent mechanical properties....

Self lubricating plain bearings

The interaction between the internal coating ( FRELON gold ) of the bearing and the surface of the shaft creates a natural, microscopic transfer of coating material to the running surface. A thin film is deposited on the shaft, and in the valleys on the...

Clamping and Braking Elements

Simple and reliable, this clamping element is manually controlled. By acting on the adjustable locking lever, the contact profiles press sync on the surface of the rail. The floating profiles of contact ensure a symmetrical distribution of force on the...

Ball spline bushing

The design of TBI ball spline utilizes the friction force through the contact of the steel ball within the spline nut and the grooves on the spline shaft. With TBI-MOTION`s unique 40-degree angular contact design which enables the ball spline to deliver...

Stainless steel linear guides and bushings

Anti-corrosion/stainless steel bushings are available in 4 different types LMES, LMSF, LMSK and LMS-OP. Linear round shafts are available in material X90CrMoV18/AISI440B and X46Cr13/AISI430C. Stainless steel linear guides and bearings are suitable for...
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A wide range of ball bushings and shafts for linear motion ideal for simple applications and 3D printers. You can buy a different type of linear bushing such as economy linear bearing type KH, standard linear bushing LME, double bush type LME_L, flanged linear bearings and open type linear bearing for supported linear rails. Beside linear bearings, you can also order precision linear rails cut to length. You can choose standard round linear shafts or supported round shafts. Linear rails are also available in stainless steel. For round shaft linear guide, we also offer end supports for vertical or horizontal mounting.

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