Belt Driven Actuators

We can provide you with various types of belt driven actuators from HepcoMotion suitable for a variety of industrial applications. For example, PDU2 belt driven units provide exceptional performance at a competitive price, unmatched by similar size of belt products. Sealed Belt Driven units (SBD) are offered in standard and clean room configurations. For automation of high loads in the most aggressive environments HDLS units are the right choice.

  • Compact ready-to-mount units in lengths of up to 6 m and even longer on application
  • Product lends itself for easy fitting of stepper or other motors
  • If required, the belt can be released and reset in seconds from the end of the unit
  • Beams are available with T-slots or plain; corrosion resistant version available 
  • Heavy Duty beam supporting loads up to 4 tonnes
  • Driven systems allowing speeds up to 6 m/sec
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