Screw Driven Actuators

Screw driven actuators are available in three different types. The HepcoMotion PSD linear drive unit can be used for single or multi-axis applications and combines Hepco’s Herculane® wheel technology with a ballscrew drive to give excellent all-round performance in a highly cost-effective package. The Heavy Duty Compact Screw unit is compact, designed for high loads and aggressive environments. The HepcoMotion® SDM range has been based on the popular SBD range of belt driven linear actuators but incorporates a ballscrew into the design. This allows for improved stiffness and precision. 

  • Hepco Herculane® Wheels – ultra-high performance wheels mounted in adjustable carriage body for zero play linear motion
  • Screw Options – ball screw and lead screw with a stainless steel option and a wide range of screw pitches
  • Compact Actuator – space saving ready-to-mount units – closed, open, double acting or slave format
  • Aluminium Beam – rigid and lightweight, T-slots for easy mounting to MCS frame system
  • Stainless Steel Cover – effectively seals the unit from dirt
  • Great Lengths – beam lengths up to 2850 mm as standard (slave units up to 6000 mm)
  • Limit Switches & Brackets – mechanical & inductive, IP76 rating plus internal buffers for end of stroke protection
  • Standard production, units available on short lead times
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