Couplings and Locking Devices

Zero backlash couplings are designed to compensate for misalignment and vibration dampening in indexing applications. The compact design makes them the right choice for all precise motion applications.

Couplings consist of two hubs, which are either made of high-strength aluminium or steel and are connected with an elastic element. The elastic element is available in 4 different degrees of hardness: 80 Sh.A (blue), 92 Sh.A (yellow), 98 Sh.A (red), 64 Sh.A (green). Coupling performance depends on the type of element selected.

Couplings Advantages:

  • "Zero-backlash" motion transmission
  • Dampening (up to 80%) of vibrations from motor shafts
  • Low heat and electrical conductivity
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Perfect balance
  • Low moment of inertia

Main Applications:

  • Servomotors
  • Robotics
  • Sliding tables
  • Spindle controls for drilling and grinding mandrels
  • Ball-bearings screws

Besides couplings we also offer locking devices. 

Locking Devices Advantages:

• Elimination of play between the shaft and the part driven
• Uniform distribution of the load over the entire diameter
• Facility of synchronisation between the various possible parts connected as a set
• Reduction of the diameter (of project) of the drive shaft
• Increase of the resistant section of the drive shaft
• Reduction of the procurement times for machine assembly
• Maintenance facilitated with no need to stop the machine
• Availability of spare parts by main sub-suppliers of technical equipment

The material used for the locking devices is c45 according to UNI EN 10083-1 regulations.

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