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Bearing washers

Bearing washers are thin, circular discs you place on either side of a thrust ball or roller bearing to provide support, protection, and alignment. Typically made from durable materials such as steel, they are precision-machined to ensure proper fit to the housing and the shaft. Bearing washers serve as an interface on both sides of the rolling elements of the bearing between the shaft and the stationary housing, preventing direct contact and accelerated wear and tear. They also help to distribute loads evenly across the bearing, reducing stress and extending its lifespan. Bearing washers can also be used as spacers, sometimes called “distance rings” for accurately locating a bearing along a shaft.

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Bearing washers come in a variety of designs and configurations to suit specific application requirements. Some of the most common types that we offer include:

Locating Washers

These bearing washers are generally used on either side of a thrust bearing even if the loads are light or a surface is not adequate to accommodate thrust because of poor surface finish or material insufficiency. These hardened and ground washers are designed as a part of the thrust bearing system, to be used where a roller thrust bearing would be installed against an unhardened or unground surface. By providing an engineered surface for the rolling elements to contact, locating washers increase both function and lifespan of the bearing.  Housing locating  washers are generally installed in a housing recess in the stationary element and either pressed into the recess or secured with a dowel pin or grub screw to prevent rotation of the washer. Shaft washers are placed against a shoulder in the shaft, and transmit the axial force of the shaft, through the bearing, to the stationary housing element. Shaft washers have a ground bore to enable an interference fit on the shaft.

Lock Washers

Used to secure bearings in place, lock washers prevent bearing rings from rotating or moving along the shaft. They are typically used in applications where bearings are under heavy loads or vibrations.

Spacer Washers

Spacer washers, sometimes called “distance rings” maintain proper spacing between bearings or between bearings and other components helping to prevent misalignment and ensuring efficient operation. These come in several widths and are saw-toothed to allow several stackable orientation options.

Seat Washers

These washers have a spherically beveled inner rim that matches the spherical bevel on the thrust bearing’s housing washer. The function of this feature is to accommodate initial misalignment of the thrust bearings and provide for extra tolerance in the machining of the housing elements and in assembly.

Bearing washers are found in a wide range of industries and machinery including automotive, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment. They are used in various engine components, such as thrust washers for connecting rods and lock washers for bearings, and in pumps, motors, gearboxes, fans, and transmissions across all these industry sectors.

The use of bearing washers can extend bearing life, reduce wear-and-tear on other parts of a machine, improve bearing alignment, and enhance bearing performance. 

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