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Miniature guides

We offer linear miniature guides and blocks from multiple premium producers such as THK, Bosch-Rexroth, INA, NSK, Hiwin, Schneeberger, WON and PBC.


THK miniature linear rails have a structure where two raceways are incorporated into the compact body, enabling the model to receive loads in all directions and to be used in locations where a moment is applied with a single linear rail. The use of ball cages eliminates friction between balls and retains lubricant, thus achieving low dust generation. In addition, the LM block and LM rail use stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion.


Schneeberger MINIRAIL miniature linear guides are highly accurate profiled linear guideways with ball bearings. Their innovative design, precision, robustness and strength are second to none. The blocks are available in four lengths: MNNS (short), MNN (standard), MNNL (long) and MNNXL (extra long).


Bosch-Rexroth miniature stainless steel version of the ball rail system has been developed specifically for the production of optical or electronic data processing devices, where rolling-element linear motion guideways of extremely compact dimensions and high load capacity are required.


Miniature linear ball bearings and linear rail guideways from INA are made from corrosion-resistant materials. KUEM set of bearing blocks and rails are assembled from KWEM blocks and TKDM linear rails. Four-row design is also available as a KUME set of bearing blocks and rails which is assembled from KWME blocks and TKMD linear rails.


Miniature linear guides from NSK. PU (PAU carriages, P1U rails) and PE (PAE carriages, P1E rails) series are ideal for use in the medical industry and semiconductor manufacturing. NSK miniature linear guide rails ensure smooth operation and are lightweight, easy to use and compact. They incorporate stainless steel and have low dust emissions.


WON Miniature linear guides provide exceptional load capacity in a very small space. Rail and guides are made from stainless steel. Miniature linear guides are suitable for a whole range of medical, scientific and small mechanical assembly systems. Miniature guides have a four point contact ball recirculating system with 45º loading angles. There are two recirculating paths per carriage providing ultra smooth movement over the complete stroke length.


Miniature sliding linear guides requires little maintenance and provides an interchangeable alternative to recirculating linear guides. This linear system is self lubricating, dampens vibration and tolerates shock loads. Sliding linear bearings will not fail catastrophically. They are designed to operate in high or low temperature conditions.

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We have a lot of products in our webshop, we offer you a great amount of linear transfer units and other premium products. With a large net of deliveries we offer you a great choise of linear transfer units, bearings,... You can find manufacturers as Bosch-Rexroth, INA, Schneeberger, HepcoMotion, TBI Motion, SKF, Hiwin, THK, NB; GMT, NSK and Ingus.
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