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Linear bearings

Linear bearings, also known as linear bushings, allow precise linear motion. Choose from a wide range of linear bearings from premium manufacturers THK, INA, Bosch-Rexroth and Exellix suitable for a variety of applications available in the online shop. See our stock below or request further information.

Linear bearing types:

Our range includes a variety of linear ball bearings including ball bushings, linear bearings with flange, bearing sets with housings of various shapes and round shaft supports.

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Linear ball bearings:

These bearings consist of an outer ring, steel balls and a cage and allow smooth and precise endless linear motion. Linear ball bearings are suitable for applications requiring an impurity-free environment, low friction and high speeds.

Linear ball bushings:

These bearings provide smooth linear motion using ball bearings. Linear bushings consist of an outer cylinder and a ball retainer that houses the bushing components, and are therefore often used in applications that require precise and smooth motion.


Linear bearings are used in a variety of industries such as medical, packaging and food processing. Common applications include laboratory equipment, packaging machines, CNC machines, robotic equipment and consumer goods such as electronics, appliances and furniture. They are also an integral part of automation machinery.

Linear bearings manufacturers:

Linear ball bearings are supplied from renowned top manufacturers such as Bosch-Rexroth, INA, THK, Ewellix, NB and others. You can also see our range of low-cost ECONOMY bearings.


In linear bearings, the most commonly used combination is a steel outer ring and balls, and a plastic ball cage. In some cases, the ball cages may also be made of steel. Stainless steel versions are also available for situations where corrosion resistance is required. Combinations where the outer ring of the bearing is partly or entirely plastic are also possible. In the case of linear bearing sets, aluminium or cast iron is used for the bearing housing.


Allowed temperature range depends on the material of bearing, seals and lubrication used. Operating temperature ranges:
- types with plastic cage: -20℃~80℃
- types made only from steel: -20℃~110℃
- stainless types:  -20℃~140℃* (*with seal up to 120°C)

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