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Take-up housing units

Similar to plummer block housings, bearing take-up housings differ in one way: these are designed to allow easy alignment and realignment of the shaft that they support. Take-up housings support your bearing, fixing the outer race and allowing the inner race to rotate – usually to enable a rotating shaft. These housings provide you with a flange mount along with one special feature: easy adjustment along one dimension for alignment or to take up stretch in a belt or other power transmission component.

Take-up housings are often made from durable materials such as cast iron or ductile iron, ensuring their ability to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments. Some specialized applications may require exotic materials like stainless steel or aluminum alloys for enhanced corrosion resistance or weight reduction.

Like plummer block bearing housings, take-up housings also provide protection from dust, dirt, and other contaminants getting into the rolling elements of the bearing. They can also be equipped with a grease fitting to allow easy access for preventative maintenance operations.

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The take-up bearing units differ from plummer block bearing units primarily in the housing design, usually mounted in take-up frames and connected to the structure by an adjustment screw that a machine operator can easily adjust in the field. The integration into the frame is facilitated by semi-circular or rectangular grooves on each side of the take-up housing frame that mate with rails on the take-up frame. Another design uses ears that fit into slots on the frame, and these features allow the bearing and the shaft it supports to slide along the rails in the frame.

A prominent feature of the take-up bearing housing is a boss on one side of the housing to receive the alignment screw. This can be internally threaded for lighter duty applications, or made as a smooth bore to receive the end of an acme screw for higher loads.

Common Applications for Bearing Take-Up Housing Units

Bearing take-up housing units find applications in a wide range of industries and applications, including material conveyor systems and agricultural machinery such as harvesters, bailers, and planters where shafts need to be realigned often to compensate for wear and expansion of other mechanical components.  In food and beverage processing, take-up bearing housings maintain proper alignment and prevent contamination in food and beverage processing equipment, ensuring product safety and quality.

Advantages of Using Bearing Take-Up Housing Units

The incorporation of bearing take-up housing units offers you several advantages. By including an simple accessible way to align a shaft, the designer who uses take-up housings makes the maintainers’ job much easier and this extends the service life of not only the bearings, but also the other moving parts of the machine. The take-up housing also provides an excellent way for the operator to control the tension in conveyor belts and other power transmission components such as V belts and toothed drive belts. This ability extends the lifetime of these belts, and makes the machine run more efficiently and effectively.

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