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Linear ball bearing bushings and round shafts

Chose from a wide range of linear ball bushings and shafts for linear motion ideal for simple applications and 3D printers. You can buy different types of linear bearings such as economy type KH, standard linear bushing LME, double bush type LME_L, flanged linear bearings and open type linear bearing for supported linear rails. Besides linear bearings, you can also order precision linear round shafts cut to length. You can choose standard round shafts or supported round shafts. Linear shafts are also available in stainless steel. For round shaft linear guide, we also offer end supports for vertical or horizontal mounting.

For extremely harsh environments we offer also a range of self-lubricated sliding linear bushes which do not need any maintenance. They are very robust and also suitable for high and low temperatures (-240°C/+204°C). They work best in combination with aluminium shafts with ceramic coating.

If you need to position your linear guides system into place we offer also a clamping element for round shafts. Clamping elements can be manual or pneumatic.   

For special applications where extremely high load-carrying capacity is demanded spline shafts and bushings from TBI Motion are also available. They are defined by high durability and reliability. For more information goes to a specific category.

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We have a lot of products in our webshop, we offer you a great amount of linear transfer units and other premium products. With a large net of deliveries we offer you a great choise of linear transfer units, bearings,... You can find manufacturers as Bosch-Rexroth, INA, Schneeberger, HepcoMotion, TBI Motion, SKF, Hiwin, THK, NB; GMT, NSK and Ingus.
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