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NSK Linear Motion

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Ball Linear Guides

The production process for NSK linear guides includes manufacturing technologies that ensure high precision and exceptional quality. We offer you a wide range of high-performance NSK Rail Guides and carriages with excellent dust resistance that meets the needs of various industries such as machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, general industrial plants, and medical equipment. Different customer needs for NSK linear technology products can be quickly and reliably satisfied with the offer of various ball rail guides, such as miniature linear guides for particular specifications. There are different series of guides and carriages NH, NS, LH, LS, HA, and LW.

NSK linearna vodila.PNG


Roller Rail Guides


The NSK Roller Rail Guides RA series was developed in response to the demand for linear guides with high load capacity, rigidity, high speed, high precision, high quality and the need for easy maintenance. RA Linear Carriages include specially designed roller cages that reduce vibrations due to the dynamics of their movements. There is a complete line of carriages and guides, from small to large as well as low profile types. Linear carriages and NSK guides have global standard based dimensions, which allow replacement without changing the construction of the device.

NSK valjčna tirna vodila RA.jpg


Miniature Linear Guide Rails

NSK Miniature Linear Guides are ideal for semiconductor manufacturing and medical equipment. The ball slide is fabricated to be approximately 20% lighter than conventional models. Exceptionally smooth operation is achieved by ball recirculation. Resin components in the ball circulating system reduce noise intensity. The new design also generates less dust compared to conventional models.

NSK Ball Screws and Nuts


NSK Ball Screws and Nuts were developed with the help of the most recent discoveries from the field of tribology, which is reflected in the top contact surfaces of the screw. The NSK is the leading ball screw manufacturer in the world of the highest quality, it is guaranteed by exceptional production techniques and quality control. We offer a complete selection of ball screws, from small to very large sizes, suitable for machine tools, injection machines, and general machines, as well as for use in special environments such as semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment.

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