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Category: Linear motion

Linear Rails from Stainless Steel

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Nov 6, 2023

Stainless linear rails (stainless steel) are indispensable in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and they also have their place in vacuum applica...

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Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Oct 16, 2023

There are three main reasons that a linear rail guide is better to be ordered in multiple shorter sections rather than a single piece...

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Linear bearings - LM vs LME type

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Sep 20, 2023

Among the most popular types of linear bearings are the LM and LME types of linear bearing bushings. In this article, we will explore their features a...

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What effects linear bushing service life?

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | May 10, 2023

Linear ball bushings are suitable for a wide range of applications and this viability has made them popular throughout the industry. Due to linea...

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Maintenance-free belt driven track system HepcoMotion DTS for packaging systems

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Apr 11, 2023

The goal of New Hanil Engineering, a South Korean manufacturer of automated systems, was to develop a highly efficient, spatially undemanding, fit and...

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Greases and lubricants for linear bearings and guide rails

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Feb 27, 2023

For the lubrication of ball rail systems in case of grease, we recommend the use of Dynalub. At regular environmental conditions this homogeneous, gro...

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The 6 steps of ball screw selection

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Feb 14, 2023

When choosing a suitable ball screw and nut you need to pay attention to several factors. Which ones? ...

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Ball screw preloads

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Jan 4, 2023

Preloading a ball screw nut is used to increase the accuracy and rigidity of a ball screw system. There are a number of ways to achieve preload f...

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DIY laser paper cutter

Janez Križan – AMI d.o.o. | Oct 26, 2022

In our case, a laser cutter is designed for use in graphics and design. The bases come from various online presentations "DIY laser cutter"...

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The do's and don'ts of linear rail alignment

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Oct 26, 2022

Rail guides require precise assembly and alignment to ensure even load distribution between the support balls. Therefore, they can only be used in app...

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