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SKF Linear Motion

SKF Shafts and Linear Bushings or Bearings


The Linear Ball Bearing (also called the ball linear bushing) consists of a polymer cage with segments of guiding paths made of hardened steel, which guide the balls throughout the system. Ball circling provides unlimited low-friction strokes. SKF linear ball bearings are available in two versions: the LBBR series (ISO series 1) and the LBC series (ISO 3 series), which is interchangeable with other SKF linear ball bushings. SKF linear ball bearings are also available in various assemblies with lightweight aluminum housings. Combined with SKF shafts and SKF accessories, simple and cost-effective linear guiding systems for a wide range of applications can be developed with this complete offer.


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Profiled Rail System - Ball Guides


The SKF Linear Rail Guides are designed for linear movement and include rails and carriages that are selected according to the user's application. Since the balls within linear carriages are continuously circulating, linear profiled guides are suitable for a practically unlimited number of strokes. All SKF linear technology products are designed for modular assemblies. Therefore, individual components, such as guides, carriages or accessories from the same series, can be arbitrarily combined to allow easy adjustment to various linear guiding applications. SKF offers 3 different types of linear rail guides: LLT series X-laying rail guides, O-laying LLR profiled guides and miniature profiled guides.

SKF tirno vodilo.png


Profiled Rail System – Roller type


The SKF Series LLU Roller Guides are perfect for use in heavy industries, for example: processing metal machines, automation, plastic injection or material processing. High stiffness, high dynamic and static load capacity, outstanding handling and efficient sealing of the SKF linear carriage are the advantages that make LLUs suitable for such applications. In addition, it is necessary to mention the high accuracy of the LLU Rail Guides themselves. The LLU guides are available in four classes of precision (rails parallelism of 7 μm/4000 mm) and two pre-loading classes. There are four different models of rail carriages and four different rails. This modular system approach allows the creation of high-performance solutions for a wide range of application requirements.


Compact Linear Guides


Compact SKF linear guides are very precise linear motion products and are ideal for use in many devices, handling systems and special machines, as well as in measuring and testing equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, and medical applications. Precise SKF linear guides are available in many different shapes, sizes, and standard lengths, and can include balls, cylinders, needles or sliding coatings. There are also mounting accessories, various end pieces, and wipers. The use of SKF Precise Rail Guides enables a very rigid, smooth and precise construction. If you cannot find a suitable guide in our standard offer, please contact us. We will be happy to help you find the solution.

SKF kompaktna vodila.png


Ball screws and nuts


SKF ball screws and nuts provide high-performance solutions that are suitable for a wide range of applications where precise positioning, durability, and reliability are pre-conditioned. High-tech machines, which are connected to the precise control of cold-forming steel and metallurgical processes, enable the production of ball screws, which provides almost the same accuracy and efficiency as brushed screws, but with lower production costs. The standard accuracy of the pitch is G9, in accordance with ISO 286-2: 1988. SKF ball screws, however, meet the precision of the screw's pitch with respect to the G7 precision class. On request, ball screws and nuts are also available with the G5 screw tolerance pitch according to ISO 3408-3: 2006, which is comparable to the precision of G5 brushed screws.

SKF kroglično vreteno.jpg

SKF Linear Actuators


Electromechanical linear drives or SKF Linear Actuators enable the precise, controlled and repeatable use of the push/pull movement in a linear drive.
Linear actuators are an efficient, practically maintenance-free and environmentally friendly alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic actuators and cylinders. Standard versions can be provided with a thrust of up to 12 kN, providing speeds of 150 mm / s and stroke up to 1500 mm. SKF Actuators are available as independent units with aluminum, zinc-plated or plastic housing ready for easy connection. Linear actuators with a modular design and open structure offer the option of selecting and integrating individual components to achieve customized solutions within existing frameworks. The application potential of actuators is expanding with the introduction of new technologies for special purposes such as hall sensors, limit switches, potentiometers, friction couplings, and special nuts. Screw linear drives driven by electric AC or DC motors are essentially composed of a drive screw (ball or trapezoidal screw) with a drive nut and housing. In 90% of cases, the assembly also includes a reducer between the motor and the linear screw.

SKF linearni aktuatorji.PNG

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