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HIWIN Linear Motion

Profiled Rail System


Hiwin Linear Profiled Rail Systems HG series are designed with greater load capacity and rigidity compared to other similar rotary rail guides. They have the same capacities in the radial, reverse radial, and lateral directions, as well as self-regulation, thereby absorbing errors during the mounting of the guides. HG linear guides series can achieve a long life, provide high speed, high precision, and smooth linear shifts. A Hiwin EG low profile series is also available, maintaining the same high-load capacity and rigidity characteristics. 

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Roller Rail Guides and Carriages 


Hiwin RG guides series has a roller as a rolling element instead of steel balls. The RG rail guides series is designed with a 45 degree contact angle. The elastic deformation of the linear contact surface is greatly reduced during loading, which ensures greater rigidity and greater load capacity in all 4 directions. Hiwin Linear Guides RG series provide high performance for high precision production and can achieve longer lifetime than traditional linear ball bearings.

Hiwin rg tirna vodila.jpg


Hiwin Miniature Guides


The Hiwin MG series includes miniature linear guides, that are manufactured in a compact size with ball contact in Gothic form, which ensures high torque load rigidity in all directions. The MG series also offers anti-corrosion protection, which is fully developed in a special stainless steel coating for operation in various operating linear guiding environments. The Hiwin MG series is available in narrow design (MGN) as well as a wide design (MGW).

Hiwin mg miniaturna vodila.jpg

Ground and Rolled Ball Screws  


Ball screw systems are composed of a screw and a ball nut in which balls serve as a rolling element. Hiwin ball screws and nuts convert rotational motion into linear motion and are most commonly used in industrial machines and precision devices. Hiwin offers a wide range of ball screws and nuts configurations that meet your specific requirements. Hiwin has the ability to manufacture JIS C0  precision-grade brushed screws and  DIN 5 precision-grade rolled screws (lead tolerance 23 micron at 300 mm). Ball screws are available from 4 mm to 120 mm in diameter.

Hiwin kroglična vretena.jpg


Hiwin Linear Actuators


Linear actuators are used in many industries, for example in transportation or components positioning. HIWIN offers linear axes and actuators with a drive through the toothed belt, and for more demanding applications, linear actuators are driven by a ball-type screw. HIWIN actuators are suitable for double and multiple axis systems for easy assembly.

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