ATLANTA toother racks and gears

Precision toothed racks

The German manufacturer ATLANTA is a leading expert in the field of high-quality toothed racks and offers more than 600 types of toothed racks. This is the most comprehensive program of toothed racks and gears currently available on the market. ATLANTA toothed racks are available in quality 3 to quality 10, with helical or straight teeth, which can be ground and tempered, in different sizes from module 1.5 to module 12. With this wide range of different combinations, a suitable toothed rack can be found for every application.

Atlanta racks

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Precision gears


ATLANTA offers a wide range of gears and toothed shafts for perfect drive systems through the toothed rack. The program of gears and toothed shafts ATLANTA extends from module 1.5 to module 12, with helical or straight teeth, which can be soft or tempered and ground. With all possible combinations of gears and toothed racks, almost all possible applications can be optimally realized. 

Atlanta gears and pinions


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