Other Ball Transfer Units

Miscellaneous Ball Transfer Units

Miscellaneous  Ball Size [mm]: 25,4 Maximum Dynamic Loading [kg]: from 10 to 100

TUFF Series Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Units

Long Working Life Ball Size [mm]: from 12,7 to 39,7 Maximum Dynamic Loading [kg]: from 25 to 500

Hi-Tech Double Seal Ball Transfer Units

Double Sealing for Excluding Debris Ball Size [mm]: 25,4 Maximum Dynamic Loading [kg]: from 100 to 320

Glide-Alwayse Units and Fixing Sockets Ball Transfer Units

Large Ball Exposure, Inexpensive Range Ball Size [mm]: 25,4 Maximum Dynamic Loading [kg]: from 20 to 50

Other types of Ball Transfer Units such as:

-Miscellaneous Units

-Glide Alwayse Units

-Hi-Tech, Double Seal Units

-TUFF Heavy Duty Units

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  • Tuli - Jure Pleško
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    Ball Transfer Units for Machinery design

    Ball transfer units are an indispensable component for mechanical engineers as their use is popular where loads and moving machinery parts require fast 360-degree directional changes and zero offsets....

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