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Grease for bearings

Bearing grease is a key element to ensure optimal bearing performance. Properly selected grease for bearings and proper lubrication of the bearings is crucial for their smooth life. More than 36% of premature bearing failures are caused by inadequate lubrication. Our online shop offers a wide range of high quality lubricants specifically designed for use in bearings of different types and sizes. Whether you need grease for ball bearings, roller bearings, thrust bearings or other types, you will find the right solution here.

LGMT 2 = general grease for bearings
LGEP 2 = high loads (EP)
LGWA 2 = high loads, extreme pressure and wide temperature range
LGLT 2 = high speed (for spindle bearings)
LGFP 2 = food industry
LAGD 125/WA2 = automatic lubrication unit with LGWA 2 grease

SKF grease for bearings

Our range includes a variety of SKF greases for bearings to suit different needs and applications. SKF bearing greases are designed with the latest technological advances and enriched with premium additives to ensure the best possible lubrication for your bearings. These greases are formulated to improve the performance of your equipment and extend the life of your bearings, helping you to reduce maintenance and wear costs.

In addition, SKF greases for bearings provide excellent protection against corrosion, stress and extreme temperatures, allowing your equipment to run smoothly in a wide range of environmental conditions. Our range of SKF bearing greases includes a variety of types and viscosities, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and specific application:

SKF LGMT 2 General grease for bearings: This universal grease is ideal for a wide range of load and temperature conditions. It can be used in many applications where general bearing lubrication is required.

SKF LGEP 2 High Load Grease (EP): LGEP 2 is enriched with additives for improved resistance to high loads and extreme pressures. It is used in situations where bearings are subjected to intense loads.

SKF LGWA 2 High Load, Extreme Pressure and Wide Temperature Range Grease: This grease is designed for use in extreme conditions where high pressures and temperature fluctuations are present. It is suitable for industrial applications where reliability is required.

SKF LGLT 2 High Speed grease for bearings: LGLT 2 is a specially formulated grease for use in high speed applications, for example spindle and spindle bearings, where minimal friction is essential.

SKF LGFP 2 Food Industry grease for bearings: LGFP 2 is a carefully formulated grease suitable for use in the food industry. It is food contact certified and ensures safe lubrication in these demanding environments.

SKF LAGD 125/WA2 Automatic Lubrication Unit with LGWA 2 grease for bearings: This automatic lubrication unit uses LGWA 2 grease, allowing easy and precise lubrication of bearings. Convenient for applications where periodic lubrication is required without interrupting production.

Whatever your specific requirements and applications, we have the right SKF bearing grease to help you achieve optimum performance from your equipment. Our range includes products that are renowned for reliability and quality, allowing you to choose the grease that best suits your needs.

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