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Grease for bearings

LGMT 2 = general grease for bearings
LGEP 2 = high loads (EP)
LGWA 2 = high loads, extreme pressure and wide temperature range
LGLT 2 = high speed (for spindle bearings)
LGFP 2 = food industry
LAGD 125/WA2 = automatic lubrication unit with LGWA 2 grease

High-quality SKF greases for bearings and lubrication systems that enable proper lubrication of bearings. You can choose from different types such as LGMT 2, LGEP 2, LGWA 2, LGLT 2, LAGD 125...Suitably selected grease for bearings and proper lubrication of the bearings is crucial for their smooth service life. More than 36% of premature bearing failures are the result of improper lubrication.

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