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Thrust roller bearings

Thrust roller bearings are assembled from a bearing washer and cage with rollers. They sustain only axial loads and are suitbale for heavy loads and offer high axial rigidity. Thrust roller bearings are available with cylindrical, tapered, and spherical rollers. 

Bearings are not lubricated. They are normally lubricated with oil. In some cases, lubrication with grease containing EP additives is possible. Adequate lubrication of the contact points between the rollers and the guide ribs is best achieved if the bearings are completely filled with grease.

Operating temperature
Thrust roller bearings can be used at operating temperatures from -30 °C to +120 °C, the lubricant may be a limitation.

Thrust roller bearings shall not be sealed.

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Types of thrust roller bearings

Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings

These bearings are designed with a simple structure of bearing washers and cage with cylindrical rollers. Cages are typically made of machined brass. They support axial loads only and have high axial rigidity. They are ideal for low speeds and are commonly used in rotary work tables for machine tools, powdering machine rotary tables, extruders…

Thrust spherical roller bearings

Thrust spherical roller bearings are single row, flexible roller bearings. They consist of solid washers for locating on the shaft and housing and rollers with cages. The cage holds the rollers and the locating washer together on the shaft. The bearings may be dismantled. As a consequence, the bearing components can be inserted separately.

Axial and radial load capacity

Axial spherical roller bearings can support very high loads and allow relatively high speeds. As the raceways are inclined relative to the bearing axis, the bearings can also support radial loads.

Misalignment compensation

Axial spherical roller bearings can rotate around their central position by a few degrees. As a result, they allow for misalignment between the locating washers on the housing and on the shaft and can thus compensate for misalignments, shaft and housing deflections and misalignments.

Thrust needle roller bearings

Thrust needle roller bearings consist of axial needle roller cages and axial bearing washers. They can be combined with needle roller bearings with sheet metal housings and needle roller bearings. The axial running surface for needle roller bearing cages shall be hardened and ground.

Axial needle roller bearing cages

Axial needle roller bearing cages shall consist of plastic or metal axial cages with integral needle rollers and shall have a very small axial section height. They can support high axial forces in one direction. Radial loads must be supported by additional means. Axial needle roller bearing cages need a hardened and ground axial running surface to be used as a raceway.

Axial bearing washers

Axial bearing washers are made by extrusion, then hardened and stacked and can be used as locating washers on the shaft or on the housing. These shims are suitable if the bearing seat is unhardened but still sufficiently rigid and geometrically correct.

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