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Bearings with housing

Bearings with housing are available in a wide variety of shapes. Ready-to-install bearings with housing consist of cast iron or sheet metal housing into which radial mounting ball bearings are fitted. To ensure performance and reliability under all operating conditions, the bearings and housing shall be matched to each other. Due to the spherical outer surface of the bearing outer ring and the recessed bores of the housing, the bearings and housing can compensate for axial misalignment of the shaft. Bearings with housing are mainly used as fixed bearings but are also suitable as floating bearings at low loads and speeds. The housings are bolted to the contact structure. Loose tolerances are allowed for the surfaces where the bearing housings are mounted.

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Bearings with cast iron housings

Cast iron housings are one-piece units with a high load capacity. For the relubrication of radial mounted ball bearings, the housing bore has a grease groove and the housing also has a grease hole for conventional tapered nipple types DIN 71412. The grease hole in the housing is closed with a plastic plug. Cast iron bearing housings are available in various shapes. The holes for the fixing bolts can be positioned parallel or perpendicular to the bearing axis. The housings are oval, triangular, square or round in shape.

Bearings with sheet metal housing

Sheet metal housings are two-piece units made of deep-drawn pressed steel. The GRA series can be re-lubricated via a grease nipple. Bearings with housing are available in various shapes. There is also a design with a rubber throttle ring on the outer bearing ring. This damping ring absorbs shock and vibration and thus allows the noise of the operation to be damped. Bearings with a sheet-metal casing are suitable for moderate loads and lightweight construction.

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