Power transmission systems

Power transmission systems

Racks and pinions

We offer a wide range of rack and pinion combinations that not only come in different sizes but also in different materials and types. Click on the image to view our full selection.

Chains and Sprockets

Our range of chains is produced based on European standard ISO/R 606-1982 (DIN 8187) and American standard ANSI (DIN 8188). Chains are available in 5 meter rolls, whiledifferent lengths of chain can also be supplied on demand. Sprockets and platewheels...

Mechanical power transmission elements are an integral part of any machine. For this reason, we offer you our new line of products specifically meant for this field of engineering. We offer many different parts such as simple gears, racks, chains, sprockets, belts, and pulleys. We even offer a wide range of couplings and locking devices. Here at Tuli, we strive to give you as many choices as possible.

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    Linear Rails from Stainless Steel

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    DIY CNC plasma with cantilever Y axis

    We have decided to build a (DIY) three-axis CNC plasma cutter with the following working strokes: 2800 x 1350 x 300 mm. We bought most of the standard mechanical components from the company Tuli, where they have helped us choose the right products...

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    Webinar: HepcoMotion Ring & Track Systems - Design Without Limits

    We are pleased to invite you to watch HepcoMotion webinar: Ring and Track Systems – Design Without Limits. The webinar is focused on the merits of ring and track systems vs. traditional linear reciprocation and how this technology ...

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