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Trapezoidal screws for barriers on Hydroelectric Power Plant Sava Brod

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Mar 30, 2020

For the purpose of lifting and lowering the barriers at the hydroelectric power plant (HPP) Sava Brod, we supplied various stainless steel trapezoidal screws TR 60x9, which are custom-made with specific processing. The ...

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Trusted Shops certificate for tuli-shop.com

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Mar 10, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that we obtained the Trusted Shops certificate for the tuli-shop.com online store, which offers our buyers even more security and a better shopping experience in our online store. Trusted Sho...

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Linear actuators for 6-axis Stewart platform with ROS control

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Feb 25, 2020

The manufacturer of linear actuators Automationware has supplied a system for a 6-axis Gough-Stewart platform for one of its customers. 6 small Mech Value E-small linear actuators were used, connected in parallel on three sides of the system. Line...

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The Carrying Capacity of Alu. Joining Elements

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Feb 12, 2020

In building an aluminum assembly, one must always look at the available joining e...

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Maintenance-free belt driven track system HepcoMotion DTS for packaging systems

Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Jan 28, 2020

The goal of New Hanil Engineering, a South Korean manufacturer of automated systems, was to develop a highly efficient, spatially undemanding, fit and forget machine for automated production of liquid washing detergent packaging. The machine ...

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DIY CNC – Linear guides and ball screws from TBI Motion

Christopher, Germany | Jan 14, 2020

I was looking for a distributor for TBI Motion linear motion products in Europe and found what I was looking for at TULI in Slovenia. I did not even specifi...

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Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Dec 17, 2019

For the lubrication of ball rail systems in case of grease, we recommend the use of Dynalub. At regular environmental conditions this homogeneous, ground-fiber grease is superbly suited as a lubricant for linear motion elements....

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Linear and rotary actuator, and ALU structure for measuring table

UP FAMNIT, Koper, Slovenia | Dec 2, 2019

For the purpose of research activities, we have assembled a measuring table that allows us to move the camera linearly along the vertical Z-axis, and simultaneously rotate (up to 360°) the observed object on the measuring table. The outer dime...

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Posted by Tuli - Jure Pleško | Nov 19, 2019

For their size profiled rails have a high load-carrying capacity. Yet when precise fluid motion is required and the loads being moved are not high, they can be classified as overkill for the application in question. This is the reason that most pr...

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Alu profiles and bearings used in a grinding machine for grinding band saw blades

LAVRIČ POTOK d.o.o. - Slovenia | Nov 5, 2019

For the manufacture of a grinding machine intended for grinding band saw blades of different widths, thicknesses and lengths, we used various different components that we purchased at the company Tuli. The machine enables grinding of any shape and...

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