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Use of linear guide rails and lead screws for CNC (wood & aluminium)

Varaždin, Croatia | 13 Aug 2019

Our company has decided to independently build (DIY) several CNC milling machines for the processing of wood and aluminium....

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Education in the frame of the project Tuli d.o.o., Ljubljana DIGI +

Posted by Tuli | 5 Aug 2019

Between 30.7. and 2.8.2019 our company was educated in the field of new models and tools for export (digital marketing and sales to enter new markets: Introduction to Digital Marketing; SEO optimization of webs and SEM web advertising; E-mail Mark...

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Mobile racks from ALU profiles

Posted by Tuli | 30 Jul 2019

For a well-known customer, according to his plan, we created a work rack made of aluminum profiles 40x40. As joint elements, we used 40x40 mounting brackets, hammerhead screws and washer nuts. Telescopic slides were also used to produce the drawer...

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Basic ball screw terminology

Posted by Tuli | 16 Jul 2019

When selecting various components for ball screw assemblies one must understand the common terminology used to describe their function and structure. To avoid future misunderstandings upon ordering ball screw components, let us go t...

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Aluminum profiles for a robotic gripper

Orodjarstvo Polovšek, Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia | 2 Jul 2019

ALU profiles 30x30 were used to produce a robotic gripping device, which is used for gripping products in the plastic injection industry. The main advantage of the selected aluminum profiles is the ability to easily move the ...

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Linear system applications

Posted by Tuli | 18 Jun 2019

There are many ideas that could potentially be used as a solution for key applications. The dilemma we engineers face today is no longer the construction of a linear system from scratch...

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Linear guides and ball screws for CNC laser cutter

Miroslav Duspara – Sigmat d.o.o. – Croatia | 4 Jun 2019

For our own production, we need to have our own CNC laser cutter. The working area of the machine 1300X2500mm. We used a 1000W laser (Raycus fiber laser) and Panasonic motors. For the assembly of the CNC laser cutter, several mechanical components...

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The 6 steps of ball screw selection

Posted by Tuli | 21 May 2019

When choosing a suitable ball screw and nut you need to pay attention to several factors. The most important factors are presented belo...

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Project TULI d.o.o., Ljubljana DIGI+ received European Union funding

Posted by Tuli | 16 May 2019

The aim of the operation is to upgrade our digital presence and it allows our company to enter the Croatian and English speaking markets. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Regional Development Fund. ...

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Ball transfer unit or ball castors for conveyor lines

Fourtec GmbH, Avstrija | 8 May 2019

We use Alwayse flange fixing ball transfer units for the ball transfer table construction. Flange fixing balls are used as a part of a conveyor or materia...

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