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Linear and rotary actuator, and ALU structure for measuring table

UP FAMNIT, Koper, Slovenia | 2 Dec 2019

For the purpose of research activities, we have assembled a measuring table that allows us to move the camera linearly along the vertical Z-axis, and simultaneously rotate (up to 360°) the observed object on the measuring table. The outer dime...

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Posted by Tuli | 19 Nov 2019

For their size profiled rails have a high load-carrying capacity. Yet when precise fluid motion is required and the loads being moved are not high, they can be classified as overkill for the application in question. This is the reason that most pr...

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Alu profiles and bearings used in a grinding machine for grinding band saw blades

LAVRIČ POTOK d.o.o. - Slovenia | 5 Nov 2019

For the manufacture of a grinding machine intended for grinding band saw blades of different widths, thicknesses and lengths, we used various different components that we purchased at the company Tuli. The machine enables grinding of any shape and...

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Posted by Tuli | 22 Oct 2019

For a mechanical design based on linear technology, the shaft is the main guide of the bearing and therefore has a significant impact on the life expectancy of the linear bearing system....

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Linear guides and spindles in a robot that removes weed

FarmBeast – Slovenija | 8 Oct 2019

We at Tuli d.o.o. donated round linear guides, ...

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Posted by Tuli | 24 Sep 2019

There are three main reasons that a linear rail guide is better to be ordered in multiple shorter sections rather than a single piece...

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Trapezoidal screws and nuts for agricultural machinery

Agroservis proizvodnja d.o.o., Virovitica, Croatia | 10 Sep 2019

In our machines for planting fruits and vegetables on foil and for removing the foil from the field, we used a TR 20x4 and TR 16x4 trapezoida...

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Posted by Tuli | 27 Aug 2019

In instances where the ball nut is ordered separately from the screw, it will come pre-attached on a safety mandrel. The safety mandrel is there to prevent the circulating balls within the ball nut from falling out. If this accident occurs during ...

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Use of linear guide rails and lead screws for CNC (wood & aluminium)

Varaždin, Croatia | 13 Aug 2019

Our company has decided to independently build (DIY) several CNC milling machines for the processing of wood and aluminium....

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Education in the frame of the project Tuli d.o.o., Ljubljana DIGI +

Posted by Tuli | 5 Aug 2019

Between 30.7. and 2.8.2019 our company was educated in the field of new models and tools for export (digital marketing and sales to enter new markets: Introduction to Digital Marketing; SEO optimization of webs and SEM web advertising; E-mail Mark...

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