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Racks and pinions

Toothed racks and gears

Our offer includes a wide selection of different toothed racks and gears with straight or helical teeth of various materials and made in different precision classes. For a basic application, a standard toothed rack with flat untempered teeth made in precision class 8–9 is suitable. For more demanding applications, you can also get ground and tempered toothed racks and gears in our shop. We also supply custom-made toothed racks and gears. Toothed racks and gears are available with modules from Mod 0.5 to Mod 30.

 Atlanta precision racks

Standard toothed racks and gears

Standard toothed racks and gears are available in straight teeth design. In this case, the teeth are milled and untempered. The usual material is C45. They are suitable for non-demanding applications. The toothed rack has no holes for fastening, which need to be made later. Standard toothed racks and gears have a very favourable price. All the gears and toothed racks available in our shop are presented in the catalogue. 

Precision toothed racks and gears

For demanding applications, we supply precision toothed racks and gears with ground and tempered teeth. They are usually manufactured in precision class 6, which has a single tooth tolerance of +–0.008 mm. Versions with helical and straight teeth are available. The maximum length of quality 5 toothed racks in one piece is 500 mm, while quality 6 toothed racks are available in lengths up to 2000 mm. The gears with helical teeth are available up to 1000 mm in diameter and the ones with with straight teeth up to 500 mm. The gears can be made from the following materials: C45, 18NiCrMo5, improved 38NiCrMo5, improved 16MnCr5, alloys, polymeric materials (plastics), cast bronze and aluminium, stainless steel and Bakelite. In the Gambini and Atlanta catalogues, you can find all possible versions of precision toothed racks and gears.

Custom-made toothed racks and gears

In the case of non-standard toothed racks and gears, these can be supplied custom-made. In this case, you need a drawing of the toothed rack or a gear, on the basis of which we can prepare an offer with price and delivery time. For more information, please contact us at

custom made tooth racks

Plastic toothed racks and gears

Toothed racks and gears made from various polymeric materials are also available. Plastic toothed racks and gears are in some cases also reinforced with glass or other fibres. The main advantages of plastic toothed racks are quieter operation, lower weight and self-lubricating capabilities. They are suitable for operation in printing machines, packing machines, automatic doors, cleaning devices ...

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