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Ball spindles

Ball spindles play a crucial role in various mechanical systems, providing smooth and precise rotational motion.

At Tuli, we offer a comprehensive selection of ball spindles to meet the diverse needs of industries and applications.

Explore our range and find the perfect ball spindle to enhance the performance of your machinery.

Basic Functionality of Ball Spindles

Ball spindles are mechanical components used to convert rotational motion into linear motion with minimal friction.

They consist of a threaded spindle (shaft) and a nut containing recirculating ball bearings. As the spindle rotates, the balls move along the threads, translating the rotational motion into linear motion.

Ball spindles are widely used in applications requiring high precision and efficiency, such as CNC machines, precision machining centers, and robotic systems.

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Types and Shapes of Ball Spindles

Ball spindles come in various types and shapes to suit different application requirements:

Precision Ground Ball Spindles

These spindles are manufactured with high precision and accuracy, offering smooth and precise linear motion with minimal backlash. 

Rolled Ball Spindles

Rolled ball spindles are cost-effective alternatives to precision ground spindles, offering good performance in less demanding applications. 

Miniature Ball Spindles

Designed for applications with space constraints, miniature ball spindles offer compact size and high precision, making them ideal for small-scale machinery and equipment. 

Ball spindle

Figure 1 Ball spindle

High-Speed Ball Spindles

Engineered for applications requiring rapid movement and high rotational speeds, high-speed ball spindles feature special thread designs and materials to minimize friction and heat generation. 

High-Load Ball Spindles

With larger diameters and stronger materials, high-load ball spindles are capable of supporting heavier loads and providing reliable performance in heavy-duty applications. 

Customized Ball Spindles

Manufacturers offer customization options for ball spindles to meet specific application requirements, such as special thread profiles, spindle lengths, and mounting configurations.

Producers of Ball Spindles

Several producers specialize in manufacturing high-quality ball spindles, including:


- TBI Motion



- Bosch Rexroth



- Kuroda Precision Industries


Each producer offers a range of ball spindles with different features and specifications to meet the diverse needs of customers in various industries.


 Ball spindle and linear guide rails

Figure 2 Ball spindle and linear guide rails

Benefits of Ball Spindles

High Precision

Ball spindles offer precise linear motion with minimal backlash, making them ideal for high-precision applications. 

High Efficiency

Ball spindles provide smooth and efficient linear motion with low friction and high mechanical efficiency, reducing energy consumption.

Low Maintenance

Ball spindles require minimal maintenance, providing long-term reliability and reducing downtime in machinery and equipment. 

High Load Capacity

Ball spindles can support high axial loads, making them suitable for applications with heavy loads and high force requirements.

Applications of Ball Spindles

Ball spindles are used in various industries and applications, including:

- CNC machines

- Precision machining centers

- Industrial automation

- Robotics

- Aerospace equipment

Elevate Your Machinery with Ball Spindles

Experience precision and efficiency with ball spindles from Tuli Shop. Browse our selection, find the perfect ball spindle for your needs, and take your machinery to new levels of performance and reliability.


About the author

Jure Pleško is co-owner of Tuli, a family business that helps innovative mechanical engineers by supplying them with machine elements to assemble machines and devices. As part of a family tradition, he grew up with machine elements from an early age and also completed his studies in mechanical engineering, earning a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. As a 2-year-old child he was also the inspiration for the company name, because at that time he was shouting a lot and hence the name Tuli, which in translation means screaming. Jure is an innovative mechanical engineer himself, which he proved during his student years with the construction of an electric vehicle, which was also awarded by the Slovenian Fund for Human Resources Development and Scholarships.




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