Bosch-Rexroth Linear Motion

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Profiled Rail System


The Rexroth linear guides provide customized solutions for your applications. Bosch-Rexroth Linear Motion high-performance products feature precision, dynamics and high load capacities in all possible work environments and for each type of linear motion. Profiled Rail Guides are the basis for precise machine movements in all kinds of machining processes. Regardless of your requirements for linear guiding, together we will choose the best solution for you! The Rail Guides do not get worn out, regardless of the load, which ensures consistent accuracy throughout its lifetime. The offer includes Roller and Ball Rail Guides. Thanks to the precise workmanship and interoperable class of precise classes, you can combine each rail carriage with any guide that has the same technology and size.


Linear Bushings and Shafts


The Bosch-Rexroth Linear Bushings and Shafts System presents verified linear technology solutions for various areas of motion and automation. Bosch Rexrotha Linear bushings and shafts are available in more than 1000 versions to meet all requirements and applications. Different versions of ball bushings and bearings (cylindrical, flanged, in the ALU housing ...) are available in various materials. Rexroth ball linear bushings are suitable to use in wood processing applications, foundries, and cement factories, while in corrosion-resistant construction they can be used in medical, chemical and food processing applications in industry.


Ball screws and nuts


In the field of mechanical drive technology, Bosch Rexroth offers a wide range of ball screws and nuts. The assembly of a ball screw and nut is a unit that converts rotation into straight line linear motion or vice versa. For this motion transformation, ball screws and nuts are the most suitable. Planetary nuts and screws are also available for extremely heavy loads. Rexroth ball screws and nuts provide the designer with many options for solving transport and positioning tasks with a drive screw or also with a driven ball nut. Regardless of whether you're solving a highest linear speed problem, maximum load or minimum design length, you will always find the perfect solution.



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