Ball Screws and Nuts

TBI Motion Precision Ball Screws and Nuts

Ball screw nuts are available in sizes from 8x1 mm up to 50x10 mm. All nuts are axial play free with 0-2% preload. Ball nuts are available in cylindrical or flange shape. Beside standard type of ball nut, we offer also miniature, high speed, high load,...

Support Units for Ball Screws

Bearing housings with ball bearings for support of ball screw. Different types available for fixed and floated side of a ball screw.

Servo Motor Brackets and Couplings

Servo motor brackets and couplings for easy connection of ball screw, coupling and motor.

Custom made ground ball screws and nuts

Ground ball screws are suitable for the most demanding applications that require high precision (IT 3, step tolerance 12 μm / 300 mm), load capacity, rigidity and long service life. With ground screws and nuts, high-precision (up to 15%) and consequently...

Precision rolled ball screws for CNC machines and other automation applications which require precision linear motion. Ball screws are available in two lead accuracy classes C5 (0,023/300 mm) and C7 (0,050/300 mm). Recirculating ball nuts and screws are available with normal or big lead for high-speed applications. Ball screws can be cut to length and end machining of the screw can be done to fit ball screw end support. End supports with bearings for ball screws are available for vertical or horizontal mounting.

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