Energy/Cable Chains

Energy chains are designed to protect and convey cables and hoses for X, Y and Z axis motion on machine tools, robots, material handling equipment and a variety of industrial machinery. Applications include unsupported, sliding, vertical hanging and standing, side mounted, opposite, side by side, rotary and combined movement.

Korean company CPSYSTEM is a leading developer of dynamic systems of protection of pipes and cables. Thanks to the high quality of materials, construction technology and a continued focus on R&D of its products, CPSYSTEM got major international certifications, such as UL, VDE, IPA, CE, TÜV.

Below are the main categories of products CPSYSTEM:

CPS CABLE CHAINS (MINI) – Standard cable chains

SHIFT CHAIN - Advanced cable chain with unique design for great stability and self-supporting (open, closed and sliding types)

SABIN CHAIN - Cable chain with lower dust and noise characteristics (open, closed and clean room types)

REVOLVING & HELIX CHAIN - Energy chains for standard and circular rotations over 360 °

ROBOKIT - Cable protection system for robots

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