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Mech Line Linear Actuators

The reliable and popular Mech Line linear actuators are ideal for industrial use at medium loads. They are distinguished by their excellent price-performance ratio. The Mech Line linear actuators or electric cylinders are therefore a great alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders with extremely low operating costs.

With their long maintenance-free life and wide range of accessories, the Mech Line linear actuators are suitable for a very wide range of applications. They are available in four sizes, 25 – 32 – 50 – 63, and are ISO 15552 compatible.

Inside, there is a ball screw. The linear actuator can be equipped with a stepper motor or a brushless electric motor. The motor power can be transmitted directly or with a delay.

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The Mech Line linear actuators are intended for standard operating strokes of 50 mm to 500 mm. An actuator with a non-standard stroke can also be designed if necessary. The Mech Line electric cylinder or actuator is suitable for loads from 0.32 kN to 14.6 kN.

linear actuator mech line


Examples of use:

Pharmaceutical packaging machines

Linear actuators are also suitable for the use in pharmaceutical manufacturing cycles as they enable the manipulation of packaging in aseptic spaces. In addition, they are extremely accurate and require minimal maintenance.

Production automation

Linear actuators are indispensable in modern automated palletizing systems, in various production lines and automated warehouses. They can also be used to upgrade the existing machines and devices.

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