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Mech Plus & Extreme Linear Actuators

Mech Plus & Extreme represent the most powerful linear actuators available. The Mech Extreme version is suitable for dynamic loads exceeding 750 kN. They are characterised by their exceptional durability based on a special ball screw system made according to the Automationware specification.

Because of this, linear actuators are suitable for the most demanding applications where high forces and/or prolonged operation occur. The dynamic load capacity of linear actuators is among the highest on the market, ensuring superior quality and drive performance.

In addition, actuators have a connector for the lubrication of the ball screw even for the cases where automatic lubrication is required.

In the case of parallel mounting, the linear actuator motors are interconnected via a slack-free belt transmission. The basic profile of the linear actuator has a reinforced structure to ensure maximum performance.

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The entire series of the linear actuators is ISO 15552 compliant and they can be motorized with brushless or stepper motors, together with reducers, to minimize the dimensions and offer a compact solution.

The actuators are available with the AwareVu diagnostic device, which provides continuous monitoring of feedback on the linear actuator operation and warns of any unusual vibrations in advance. Connection is also possible via Wi-Fi.

In this manner, the Mech Plus series adds the Industry 4.0 technology and compactness as a standard.

Standard strokes for Mech Plus & Extreme range from 50 mm to 1500 mm. Load capacities range from 3.4 kN to 752 kN.

linear actuator Mech Extreme

Examples of use:

Automotive industry and heavy cargo movements

The automotive industry often requires the use of hydraulic cylinders in the production line and in the component assembly phase, where they are used as a part of the press. By using linear actuators instead of hydraulic cylinders, you avoid the complex pneumatic or hydraulic installations, as the linear actuator makes installation and programming easy.

Machine tools

Linear actuators are used as a substitute for hydraulic systems in sheet metal bending machines. The ease of use and simplification of systems are highly welcome in applications that require any sort of pressing of the material. They are thus used in machines for inserting tires, for the production of springs and for bending sheet metal. Linear actuators are also suitable in cases where there is a need to insert mechanical components, such as bearings, bushings, rings and similar.

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