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Mech Force Linear Actuators

The Mech Force linear actuator is suitable for the most extreme loads, as in cases where high dynamic loads occur over a longer period of time.

The aluminium profile of the linear actuator has a reinforced structure. The propulsion technology consists of customized ball screws, allowing for high dynamic loads and at the same time the optimum speed performance thanks to the various steps of the ball screw used in the linear actuator. The dynamic load capacities of the ball screws used are among the highest on the market, ensuring superior quality and top linear actuator performance.

The Mech Force linear actuators or electric cylinders are ISO 15552 compliant. They are powered by brushless or stepper motors, which can be connected to a linear actuator via a reducer to achieve a more compact design, and they consequently take up less space.

Actuators can also be equipped with the AwareVu diagnostic system, which ensures continuous feedback on the operation of the linear actuator. This provides timely information on the required maintenance or repair of the actuator.

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The Mech Force 150 linear actuator version has a steel base structure.

Standard strokes range from 50 mm to 1000 mm. Typical actuator load capacities range from 1.88 kN to 190 kN.

linear actuator mech force

Examples of use:

Aeronautical and military industries

Numerous military applications require industrial drives, such as linear actuators, which provide an excellent level of quality and ease of use in conventional applications.

The Automationware linear actuators perform excellently in a variety of configurations, such as navigation simulators. They are also suitable for outdoor logistics applications as they are also available with the IP65 protection.

Energy industry

The linear actuator has a wide range of applications in the energy industry as well. It is used for regulating the flow in hydroelectric power plants because it enables simple installation and regulation. In wind farms, they are useful for changing the incidence angle of the blades. Linear actuators are used in oil extraction or fuel production plants due to their easy maintenance and the possibility of remote control.

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