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Mech Value Linear Actuators

Smaller Mech Value linear actuators or electric cylinders of the Automationware manufacturer are distinguished by high performance in terms of travel speed and load capacity, as they have integrated precision ball screws. The Mech Value linear actuator may be used as a replacement for a pneumatic cylinder in cases where precise control of travel speed and position is required.

They are equipped with innovative stepper motors with an encoder or in the Sensorless version, which represents a new electric actuator control technology and allows to determine the correct position without installing the encoder, reducing the cost and required actuator sizes.

The profiles of the electric cylinders or actuators are designed to allow the integration of the AwareVu sensor (Industry 4.0) to detect vibrations and increased temperatures and, consequently, to detect possible errors during the linear actuator operating phases.The motor may be mounted on the linear actuator in the same line or in parallel depending on the use and space constraints.

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The Mech Value actuators are available in sizes 16 – 25 – 32. Standard strokes range from 50 mm to 500 mm (longer strokes are also available on request). The Mech Value linear actuator can be loaded from 50 to 1700 N and provides the precision of ± 0.02 mm.

linear actuator mech value

Examples of use:

Packaging machines

Linear actuators are ideal for industrial purposes, such as packaging machines, where the need for high speed and precision travel arises.

Medical care and diagnostic machines and devices

The linear actuator can be very useful for micrometric movements in scanning devices. The linear actuator retains its position even in the event of a power failure. Compared to the hydraulic cylinder, the electric cylinders are more compact and thus more suitable for all portable devices. With their precision, linear actuators allow precise positioning of persons and objects in diagnostic devices.

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