Profiled Rail System


SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL BM Linear Ball Guides have excellent dynamic properties and numerous commercial advantages. They are designed with a small number of smartly-arranged components and, consequently, a small number of ball passages, which ensures excellent driving performance, very quiet operation, low friction, and high-speed linear strokes. The trapezoidal cross-sectional shape of the rail guide enables an extremely rigid construction of the guide and the carriage, while one can significantly reduce the service time since additional wipers can be changed without dismantling the linear trolley. The rail seal system ensures maximum reliability, along with a long service life. These robust and economical guides round out SCHNEEBERGER's range of industrial applications with high demands on speed, reliability, and consistent performance.

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Roller Rail Guides and Carriages 


High rigidity, excellent dynamic and static load capacity, as well as an exceptional lightness of movement, are the main features of the MONORAIL MR Roller Rail Guides manufactured by Schneeberger. These properties allow for a higher level of processing, while increasing the geometric accuracy and surface quality of the processed workpieces. The high rigidity of the MONORAIL MR roller guides ensures improved vibration behavior, lower vibration amplitudes and thus extended life for the tool. SCHNEEBERGER systematically used its many years of experience in the design, production, and use of roller guides to minimize friction. Therefore, the MONORAIL MR guides are cost-effective and meet the challenges of modern machine design.

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Miniature rail guides - MINISLIDE


MINISLIDE presents the latest generation of miniature rail carriages and Schneeberger guides for extremely demanding applications. They are very robust and reliable in all applications due to their smooth operation, precision, and long service life. Models MSQ 7, MSQ 9, MSQ 12 and MSQ 15 are equipped with a highly precise and robust ball cage. The cage is made of high-quality plastic. This compact and robust design with the smallest number of integrated components ensures high reliability in all operating conditions.

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Stainless Rail Guides and Carriages


SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL BM WR / SR stainless steel linear guides are designed for applications where conventional anti-corrosion coatings are insufficient. This occurs in an environment where linear guides are subject to corrosion (wet environments, large temperature changes ...), and in applications where the formation of particles from corrosion coatings is not allowed.


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