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THK Linear Motion

LM Profiled Linear Guide Rail System


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The LM Series Rail Guides are the main products of the THK linear technology, which allowed the company to be the first to bring the line precise linear movement into practical use. THK Rail Guides and THK Carriages thus enable the development of high-quality, high-rigid, energy-efficient and fast machines with a long service life. To provide an appropriate linear motion solution, rail carriages with balls or cylinders as rolling elements are presented. The rolling elements may be with a cage or without it. There are also many different guide dimensions from miniature guides to maximum load guides.  

LM voziček.PNG

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THK miniature linear guide rails

The miniature linear guides from THK have a two-row ball construction in a compact linear bearing housing, which allows the load to be transferred in all directions. THK miniature linear guides are also distinguished by a long service life and long-term maintenance-free operation. The SRS version can be used as a single linear guide having one carriage. In addition, the use of a cage between the balls reduces the friction of the SRS miniature guides, which allows high speeds to be achieved at low noise. Miniature guides and bearings are made of stainless steel, which is very resistant to corrosion. 

THK miniature linear guide rails

Ball Spline


The surface of the shaft guide or a shaft and THK shaft nuts is extremely smooth, which makes it easy to slide. In addition, a large contact surface and concentricity is provided which, when the momentum occurs, enables a stable transmission of the torque. There are also versions, with ball nuts and bushings, which further reduce friction.

THK Spline nut.PNG


Cross Roller Guide


THK Cross Roller Guides represent an extremely compact and precise group of guides. These guides provide a rigid but flexible linear movement and are particularly suitable for linear guiding where high rigidity and lightness are required. Similar guides are also available with balls instead of cylinders.

THK vodila z valjčki.PNG


Telescopic and Lightweight Slides


The THK Group of Slide Rail products includes affordable versions of telescopic slides and lightweight slides made of precisely rolled steel sheet. The slides are slim, compact and easy to install, thus being suitable for linear guiding in various applications. Telescopic slides are available with 75% or 100% pull-outs and in different lengths. The stronger versions of telescopic slides are made of thick-walled aluminum.

THK teleskopska vodila.PNG


Linear Bushings and Shafts


THK Linear Bushings are used in combination with the LM precise cylindrical shaft. The combination of a shaft and a linear bushing or bearing allows linear movements with the smallest friction coefficient, which ensures a very precise and light movement. Standard cylindrical bushings, flanged bushings, and aluminum housing are available. The THK shafts are surface-hardened and brushed.

THK linearne puše.PNG

Rolled Ball Screws


THK Ball Screw is a highly efficient screw and ball nut system, which allows rolling movement through the balls between the screw and the nut. In comparison with the conventional sliding screw  (trapezoidal screw), ball screws have significantly less friction and, consequently, a better efficiency, resulting in lower loads for the driving motor. THK roller ball screws are also affordable. Ball nuts of various shapes and versions are available. 

THK kroglična vretena in matice.PNG

Ground Ball Screw


The THK Ground Ball Screws present a more precise design of ball screws and nuts. A more precise design enables a greater pre-load of the nut and, consequently, a more rigorous and precise stroke. In the case of ground screws, the stroke tolerance is a few micrometers. 

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