Use of linear guide rails and lead screws for CNC (wood & aluminium)

Our company has decided to independently build (DIY) several CNC milling machines for the processing of wood and aluminium.

List of Tuli products used in the project

linear round shaft with support SA20/h6

aluminium housing SME 20 UU

TR 20 N rail guides

TRS 20 VN N Z0 linear blocks

SCR 1610 C7 ball screw

SFNU 1610 nuts

standard ball screw supports

BK 12

BF 12

aluminium profiles

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As a basis, we designed a welded steel structure. In terms of linear guides, we used a linear round shaft with support SA20/h6 for the Y- and Z-axes in combination with linear motion bearings in an aluminium housing SME 20 UU. We were aiming for the most rigid and stable linear guides for the X-axis, therefore we used the TR 20 N rail guides in combination with the TRS 20 VN N Z0 linear blocks. We used ball screws and nuts with no clearance for the drive. We chose the SCR 1610 C7 ball screw and SFNU 1610 nuts for the X- and Y-axes, as we wanted to achieve the highest possible travel speed with a 10-mm screw lead. There is no high-speed requirement for the Z-axis, therefore we installed the SCR 1605 C7 ball screw and the corresponding SFNU 1605 ball nut. Tuli provided us with ball screws with machined ends for the bearing arrangement of ball screws. Standard ball screw supports were used for the bearing arrangement. The BK 12 for fixed screw attachment on one side and the BF 12 for floated screw attachment on the other. For the clamping table, we used 22.5x180 aluminium profiles with T-slot grooves that enable easy clamping of different workpieces to the work table. In the end, we developed fast and accurate machines that are extremely useful in our production. Tuli delivered all the above-mentioned components in a swift and appropriate fashion and at a favourable price.

CNC for woodworking

CNC for woodworking

CNC for woodworking

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