Linear Rails from Stainless Steel

Stainless linear rails are indispensable in machines and devices used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, stainless linear rails also find their place in vacuum applications, electronic circuit machines and clean room systems.

Stainless steel linear rails are, in addition to obvious corrosion resistance to water, also characterized by excellent chemical resistance, are sterile, suitable for direct contact with food and durable. Due to the mentioned properties, linear guide rails from stainless steel are suitable for wash down cycle, which is crucial in all processes where extremely high cleanliness is required.

Stainless rail guides have approx. 80% of the load-capacity of classic linear rail guides are made of standard bearing steel, which in turn allows them to withstand heavy loads.

Below are different versions of stainless linear rail guides from different manufacturers.

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HepcoMotion Stainless Steel Linear Rails, Ring guides and Track systems

The English manufacturer HepcoMotion offers a wide range of stainless linear rails, circular guides, linear actuators and guidance systems. At the link below, you can see a clip of the webinar, where various solutions of stainless linear rail guides and their use in practice are presented in more detail.



HepcoMotion webinar stainless steel linear rail


HepcoMotion SL2 Linear guide rails

HepcoMotion SL2 stainless steel linear guide is the perfect Linear Motion System for any corrosion-resistant utilisation. Common industries include nuclear, food, medical and scientific utilisations where long service life and minimum maintenance are essential.

Stainless steel slides with precision ground finish are corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.



- Smooth motion and low friction properties.

- Capable of performance in the most adverse conditions.

- Capability of working with or without lubrication.

- Range of greases usable in specific operations (food, nuclear, high temperature, low temperature and vacuum environments).

- Miniature solutions for miniature spaces.

- Good performance in wash down applications.


HepcoMotion SL2 stainless steel linear guide is the perfect Linear Motion System for any corrosion-resistant utilisation.


HepcoMotion PRT2 ring guides made from stainless steel

The PRT2 stainless steel precision ring guides and ring segments can be considered the latest invention for circular motion assembled into a highly refined range of ring systems and segments. Possibility of incredibly large series which allows full 360 degrees, or segmental motion and guidance for a broad range of usage in all industries. All elements of the series are available in stainless steel materials, which permits the ample usage in food, medical and scientific industries. Particular food lubricants and high temperature greases are also available. The broad series of rings and ring discs are considered to be an opportune substitute for slewing rings.


HepcoMotion PRT2 ring guides made from stainless steel



Schneeberger BM WR/SR linear guide rails made from steel resistant to corrosion 

The Schneeberger monorail BM WR/SR systems are linear rail guides made from steel resistant to corrosion and are based on the monorail BM ball profiled linear guideway. Their development was carried for special specifications, which would overstep the needs of ordinary coatings for linear guideways. This happens when the performance of the product is damaged by corrosion during proceedings. In utilisations like for machines for foodstuffs, medical technology and cleanrooms, monorail BM WR/SR products assure that the work of the linear axes is clean, meticulous, long-term and without complications. Additionally, the monorail WR/SR has the same tried and tested properties as the monorail BM, such as the highest effectiveness during any operation, high travel speeds and long service life.



  • Made of steel resistant to corrosion.

  • High rigidity and high load-bearing capacities in all directions.

  • Quiet, smooth running with diminished pulsation and low friction.

  • Speed up to 5 m/s and acceleration up to 100 m/s².

  • Broad variety of carriage types for a wide range of utilisations.

  • Three different accuracy classes.

  • Three different preload classes.

  • Carriage and rail types for connection from above and below.

  • Long service life-easy and cost-saving maintenance.

  • Broad range of accessories and options.

  • Integrated rack as an option.

Schneeberger BM WR/SR linear guide rails made from steel resistant to corrosion



Bosch Rexroth Stainless Steel Linear Guide Rails

Resist Bosch-Rexroth NR II ball rail systems made of corrosion-resistant steel have been used particularly in association with waterbased media, highly dilute acids, alkali or salt solutions. These guides are particularly convenient for usage in relative humidity above 70 % and temperatures above 30 °C.

We can find conditions like these mainly in cleaning systems, galvanization and pickling lines, steam degreasing systems, and also cooling equipment.

Resist NR II Bosch-Rexroth ball linear rail systems are particularly suitable for use in clean rooms and general PCB production for example because there is no need for additional corrosion protection. There are other possible usages in the general packaging industry.



- All metal components are made from steel resistant to corrosion.

- All plastic components are made from certified materials.

- Availability of five common sizes.

- The same high load ratings in all four main directions of loading.

- Available in accuracy class H up to preload class C2 (preload = 8% C).

- Ball Rail Systems NRFG can be used in the packaging industry and food industry areas.


Explore Bosch-Rexroth stainless steel linear rails in our online shop:, or download the catalogue:


Stainless Steel Linear bearings, bushings and round linear shafts

In our online shop ( you will find anti-corrosion and made of stainless steel bushings that are available in 3 different types; LMES, LMSF and LMSK. The linear round shafts can be found in materials X90CrMoV18/AISI440B and X46Cr13/AISI430C. The stainless steel linear guides and bearings can be used in food processing machines, vacuum equipment, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, etc.


Beside the stainless steel linear bearings and bushings present in our online shop, we can also provide components from Bosch-Rexroth and NB. Two types of NB SLIDE BUSH available: standard and anticorrosion. Availability of steel retainer which can be used in harsh environments and resin retainer for low acoustic and low-cost needs. Possibility of other options according to the application needs. 


Miniature linear guide rails

Generally, all miniature linear rails are made from stainless steel. The miniature linear guides permit extraordinary load capacity in a very limited space. The linear rail guideways provide the same high load capacities in all four major directions of load application, including moments about all axes, due

to the usage of the largest possible ball sizes. The linear rails and linear blocks are made from stainless steel. The miniature linear guides an bu used in a wide range of medical, scientific, optical or electronic data processing devices, but also small mechanical assembly systems. The miniature guides are provided with a four-point contact ball recirculating system with 45º loading angles. There are two recirculating paths per carriage, which provide ultra-smooth motion over the entire stroke length.

In our online shop, you will find miniature linear rail guides from the producer Bosch-Rexroth: and from the producer WON:

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