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THK linear guides

THK linear guides


The Japanese manufacturer of THK linear guides is one of the pioneers in the field of linear technology. They started merchandising their first commercial series of LM linear guides already in 1972. The name THK comes from the initials of the following English words 'Toughness,' 'High Quality' and ' Know-how', which still represent the foundations of the company's operations today. All this is reflected in extremely high quality and innovative linear guides. We now offer THK linear guides and THK miniature linear rails in Tuli store, where you can choose from a wide range of models with fast delivery and at competitive prices. 

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SHS linear guides - THK

The SHS linera guides and carriages byTHK are manufactured in dimensions that meet global standards. The balls in SHS linear carriages are placed in 4 tread grooves and are positioned at a contact angle of 45°. This means taht the load gets evenly transmitted in all four directions. The cage between the balls ensures silent and precise operation of SHS linear bearings.They also stand out for their ability to self-adjust, high rigidity and precision. This makes the THK's SHS linear guides an excellent choice for most applications.

SHS linear guides - manufactured by THK

SHW wide linear guides - THK

The wide and very rigid SHW linear guides from the manufacturer THK are designed with  built-in ball cage, which capacitates quiet operation, long intervals between maintenance and high speeds.

The SHW guides generate very little dust due to a ball cage that reduces friction between the balls and keeps the lubricant in place. Because of its wide linear guide design and low center of gravity, SHW guide model is perect for application in machines and devices with limited space and high guide rigidity. Each row of balls in SHW guides is positioned at a contact angle of 45°, so that the nominal loads are uniform in four directions. Unique THK technology empowers SHW linear guides with the ability to self-adjust. As a consequence, it can absorb installation errors even in the case of a prestressed system, which ensures very precise and smooth linear motion.

SHW linear guides - manufactured by THK

SRS miniature linear guides - THK

The miniature SRS linear guides from THK have a two-row ball construction in a compact linear bearing housing, which allows the load to be transferred in all directions. The SRS version can be used as a single linear guide having one carriage. Furthermore, the use of a cage between the balls reduces the friction of the SRS miniature guides, which allows high speeds and silent operation. SRS linear guides are also distinguished by a long service life and long maintenance-free intervals. Miniature guides and bearings are made of stainless steel, which is very resistant to corrosion. When operating, the miniature guides generate very little dirt, as the cage between the balls not only reduces friction but also retains lubricant. Due to the miniature design, the SRS guides are also extremely light and have low moments of inertia. 

SRS miniature linear guides - manufactured by THK

SSR linear guides - THK

SSR linear guides are designed in a compact manner with a small cross-sectional height and ball positioning in the radial direction. This makes SSR guides optimal for horizontal positioning. The SSR guides are very resistant to loads in the radial direction due to radial positioning of the balls. They have reduced radial deformation at radial loads and provide stable and very precise linear motion. SSR guides also have a built-in cage between the balls, which eliminates friction between them and increases lubricant retention. This results in low noise, high speed and long-term maintenance-free operation. SSR linear guides by THK are also available in stainless steel that is extremely corrosion resistant.

SSR linear guides - manufactured by THK

GSR linear guides - THK

GSR linear guides stand out for the form of the linear carriage or bearing. It is designed so that one side of the carriage is elevated, which allows the preload to be adjusted via an external adjustable screw. The balls run in two tread grooves and are fixed inside the GSR linear carriage. Due to the construction of the linear carriage, it is able to compensate for irregularities and is therefore very suitable for use where it is difficult to ensure high accuracy of the mounting surface. The GSR linear guides model from THK cannot be used in uniaxial applications.

The carriage and the GSR linear guide rails are boath completely interchangeable and do not need to be ordered as a set. This allows the storage of linear guide rails of longer lengths that can be cut to a specific length just before use. The GSR linear guide model has a low center of gravity with a low overall height, which allows savings in machine size.


Representation of the preload setting with a screw:

GSR linear guides - manufactured by THK

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HRW linear guides - THK

HRW linear guides by THK have a wide range of rail and compact carriage models. They stand out with extremely high load capacity and rigidity, which is the result of a large number of effective balls. The balls move along four guide channels and are placed at a contact angle of 45°. HRW linear guides can therefore carry loads in all directions and can also be used as a single linear guide and carriage system. Adequate rigidity of HRW linear guides is ensured by a well-balanced overvoltage that increases the rigidity in four directions while maintaining a constant, low friction coefficient. Due to the wide linear guide and small overall height, the HRW linear guide system has a low center of gravity and is suitable for use where a large load capacity and rigidity of the linear guides are required in a limited space. 

HRW linear guides - manufactured by THK

HSR linear guides - THK

HSR linear guides meet the global dimensional standard for linear guide rails. THK's HSR linear guides are extremely durable, because the balls do not slip even when they are overloaded. As a result, smooth movement, high wear resistance and high accuracy are achieved. In addition to standard bearing steel guides, special models of HSR stainless steel guide rails and stainless still HSR bearing blocks are available. The HSR model also uses four guide grooves for the balls, which are placed at a contact angle of 45° to ensure uniform load capacity and rigidity in all directions. The HSR linear guides do not have a built-in ball cage. Instead, the mounting plates hold the balls so that they do not fall out of the carriage, even when it is removed from the linear guide (this does not apply to HSR 8, 10 and 12). 

HSR linear guides - manufactured by THK

HSV linear guides - THK

HSV linear guides represent a cheaper version of HSR guides. The HSV series also meets the global standard in terms of dimensions, but they are made in a lower quality class. HSV guides have a minimum clearance between the linear guide and the carriage or bearing. That is why they are suitable for less demanding applications. Due to the bigger clearance between the HSV linear guide and the carriage, they have an excellent ability to compensate for irregularities in the mounting surfaces. 

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SR linear guides - THK

Similar to the SSR linear guide model, but in the case of SR linear guides we have a radial design. The SR linear guide model is optimal for horizontal positioning because it is a compactly designed model with a small cross-sectional height and high load capacity in the radial direction. High accuracy of linear motion can be achieved even in the case of parallel mounting of two linear guides due to self-adjusting ability. The end plate, placed at each end of the SR linear carriage, is designed to ensure smooth and quiet rotation of the balls and consequently quiet operation of the entire set of linear guides. Furthermore, the end plates also retain the balls inside the carriage to prevent the balls from falling out in the event that the carriage is removed from the guide. THK technology also ensures high durability, because even under excessive load, the slippage of the balls is minimal. As a result, high wear resistance and long-term accuracy of the SR linear guides are achieved. Stainless steel guides are also available in special designs.

SR linear guides - manufactured by THK



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